Who Is Ed Sheeran’s Brother? Matthew Sheeran Is Musical, Too

April 19, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

When we consider of low-pitched families, a Knowles sisters, a Jonas Brothers, and a Jackson 5 competence come. But another span of low-pitched siblings is Ed Sheeran and his comparison brother, Matthew Sheeran. The Englishman is an achieved composer and musician, as good as a classically lerned violin and viola player, according to his website.

Ed has mentioned his family a few times on his new album, Divide, and not even Matthew’s loving adore could hedge his strain lyrics. In his balance “Castle on a Hill” Ed sings,

Although it sounds as if Ed slipped and fell rather than suffered a unpleasant beatdown from his large bro and his buddies, a ginger-haired thespian longs to revisit a good, aged days behind in a hills of Framlingham, Suffolk, England where a span grew up.

While Ed went on to be… well, Ed Sheeran, Matthew focused on his academics. He perceived a Bachelors in Musics from a University of Sussex and a Master’s in combination from King’s College, according to his website. Matthew’s strange music can be found on his SoundCloud page where he’s categorized his playlists from genres such as “Drama” and “Sci-Fi” to “Weird” and “Classicial.”

IMDb records that Matthew stoical scores for brief films and radio array including The Third Date, Dr. Sugarloaf, With Love From…Suffolk, and Love Music. Although Matthew doesn’t have any Grammys (yet), his website says he was concurred as a best British composer underneath 35 during a Presteigne Festival Competition in 2010. He also won a Chairman of a Jury endowment during a Shipley Arts Festival in same year.

Sounds like Matthew has come a prolonged approach from chasing Ed around grassy fields. He’s managed to carve out his possess niche and turn a master of his craft.

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