Westlake is home to a abounding and famous and now a zoning quarrel over growth

October 17, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

Long famous for a rolling hills of a Circle T Ranch and mansions isolated from a hullabaloo of civic life, Westlake is fast some flourishing pains.

The city once identified by Forbes as a most abundant area in America is home to a tiny though rich proletariat of athletes, business executives and celebrities including a mythological golf instructor Hank Haney, Dallas Cowboys parsimonious finish Jason Witten, nationally famous radio celebrity Glenn Beck and BNSF Railway’s executive authority Matthew Rose.

But now a swell of expansion that has swept by adjacent communities in Northeast Tarrant County has arrived in Westlake, and with it, angst and a standard city gymnasium spats.

Such is a box this week as a town’s formulation and zoning elect is scheduled to hear from during slightest 50 residents who are opposite a due rezoning of 62 acres of underdeveloped land in a Solana bureau development.

“Westlake is being diluted. It’s losing a identity,” pronounced Neil McNabnay, a obvious profession who has lived there given 2012. He says a undoubted timberland of immature expansion behind his $1.5 million home in a Glenwyk Farms area would be exceedingly shop-worn by a due rezoning, that would concede a clear-cutting of trees and prejudiced dismissal of a 50-foot mountain to make room for new homes.

The land concerned is a comparatively tiny widespread of unenlightened timberland along Solana Boulevard, usually easterly of Davis Boulevard circuitously a new Entrada and Granada developments. Although it is private property, for years a area has been used as open open space, suitable for jogging and strolling on a tiny trail that cuts by a trees on a southwest finish of a Solana corporate campus.

In 2014, a New York-based sidestep account Blackstone bought Solana out of failure and embarked on a multimillion-dollar makeover of a bureau buildings on a property, including portrayal over a signature postmodern splendid colors of a buildings with earthier beige tones.

As for a 62-acre slight frame of forested land, Blackstone brought on developer Wilbow Corp. to come adult with a devise to put housing on it. Wilbow is represented in a zoning box by Larry Corson, a former Westlake Town Council member.

Wilbow has due building 66 homes on quarter-acre lots — distant some-more unenlightened than a adjacent residential areas such as Glenwyk Farms and Granada, where homes are typically built on 1-acre lots and skill values strech $1.8 million or more.

Westlake housing squabble 8

But a firmness of a due devise is usually one bone of row for surrounding neighborhoods. Wilbow’s plans also call for slicing down many of a trees on a skill and leveling partial of a mountain that provides Glenwyk Farms residents a healthy aegis opposite sound and streetlights from circuitously bureau park and highway.

“There are areas of it so heavily wooded people have never been behind there, until a consult crews recently,” McNabnay said. McNabnay combined that existent zoning manners need anyone who builds on a land to leave a 500-foot-wide aegis of healthy greenery between a land and a circuitously neighborhoods, though a due rezoning would concede for usually a 150-foot-wide buffer.

Neighbors including McNabnay progressing this year filed a lawsuit in Tarrant County district justice seeking a declaratory visualisation clarifying that whoever builds on a 62 acres contingency reside by a 500-foot-wide aegis zone.

Wilbow subsequently asked for a rezoning, that would concede a smaller aegis zone. If Wilbow’s ask is successful, a lawsuit would many approaching turn moot.

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Big brands

Solana was Westlake’s strange corporate campus, grown in partnership with IBM in a 1980s. More recently, many other companies have arrived or damaged ground, including several in a financial services industry.

Among them is a designed $100 million Charles Schwab formidable that is scheduled to open in 2019 during a dilemma of Texas 114 and Texas 170 on Westlake’s western edge. It will move adult to 2,600 jobs, and a surrounding expansion will embody a 200-room hotel and about 275 residences, including some multifamily housing.

Fidelity Investments also operates a vast informal campus with 4,500 employees in Westlake, and Deloitte, that performs accounting and other veteran services, has a vast corporate training center.


Other than corporate offices, Westlake is mostly famous for some of a region’s many upscale housing, including a lush Vaquero gated village and golf club. It’s now home to pro golfers and celebrities, carrying captivated names like a Jonas Brothers cocktail singing family and former pro ball slugger Josh Hamilton over a years.

Dispute over town’s vision

In a days heading adult to Monday’s meeting, city officials declined to pronounce in many fact about a due rezoning.

“One need usually expostulate by a city of Westlake to conclude a fact that a city staff, formulation and zoning commission, and city legislature do an unusual pursuit in staying loyal to Westlake’s vision, goal and values,” Mayor Laura Wheat wrote in an email. “I have each certainty that they will continue to do so with honour to a arriving zoning box we have referenced.”

The formulation and zoning elect is approaching to make a recommendation after a conference Monday. Then, a Westlake Town Council is confirm a matter during a assembly on Oct. 30.

Westlake’s race is 1,230, according to a many new census data. A decade ago, a race was about 400.

Ron Ruthven, Westlake’s formulation director, pronounced Wilbow’s devise would revoke a tallness of a mountain behind a Glenwyk Farms area by usually about 11 feet, according to skeleton submitted to a town.

The skill has been zoned for blurb expansion given 1992, though has remained undeveloped, he said.

“This is a initial one that has had unequivocally any poignant antithesis to it,” pronounced Ruthven, who has worked during Westlake for roughly a year.

Another newcomer, Joe Mohan, bought his $1.4 million residence in Glenwyk Farms a small some-more than a year ago when he changed from Panama. Mohan is a clamp boss of alliances and partnerships during American Airlines, where he oversees ventures with other airlines such as British Airways and Iberia.

Mohan was dumbfounded to learn of a due zoning change. He pronounced that when he and his wife, Maria, motionless to buy their house, that also backs adult to a underdeveloped forest, a pivotal offered indicate was a guarantee that a town’s zoning manners guaranteed that zero would be built within 500 feet of their behind yard.

“When we saw a timberland behind us, we suspicion it was too good to be true,” he said. “But we went behind to a Realtor, and she came behind to us with a zoning information and pronounced no matter what they build behind there it has to be 500 feet from you.”

“We over-leveraged ourselves to buy this place, though it was kind of a dream home. We feel betrayed.”

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