Want To Play Ping Pong With Nick Jonas? It’ll Cost You $3500

March 16, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas has some flattering honeyed fan practice designed for his arriving Future Now: The Tour — yet he’s many psyched to play some pre-show ping pong.

The ’Ping Pong Package’ — one of a 3 VIP options accessible for squeeze — costs $3,500. Besides removing to play ping pong opposite Nick, we will also accept an particular veteran print and a polaroid print with him — both primary Instagram options — entrance to a side-stage observation area during a show, a VIP debate laminate, a singular book autographed poster, a singular book snap-back hat, a tradition designed bag, and concierge services during a show. A unison sheet not enclosed with a knowledge and a swag, though.

You might be thinking, “Ping pong, really?” Yup. This isn’t a initial time Nick has voiced his affinity for list tennis. If a discerning flashes of ping pong balls in a “Levels” song video didn’t get you, we might remember this aged reversion video in that a Jonas Brothers rope members John Taylor and Greg Garbowsky find a “worthy opponent” to conflict Nick backstage in 2009:

Nick and hermit Joe even hosted a ping pong celebration during Coachella in 2013. The Jonas Brothers were famous to move mixed ping pong tables on debate with them. The Jonas’ take this diversion pretty seriously, obviously.

While Nick Jonas fans are super devoted, they are, understandably, not too stoked on a cost of a ping pong game:

Nick, we will gladly play a turn of ping pong with we — and we will totally kick me — but, like a fans above, a cost is not operative for me. we will be super #jealous of a fans who are means to, though.

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