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March 23, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

DNCE is cocktail stone party that will title a unison during a EKU Center for a Arts Thursday night. Exactly one week ago, they were during a famous SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, perplexing to emanate a hum and build a following like large other bands that deplane on a live song mecca.

But DNCE is not your common up-and-coming band, especially since their frontman is utterly a conflicting of up-and-coming.

DNCE is a latest low-pitched try of Joe Jonas. Yes, that Joe Jonas. The Joe Jonas who sole 17 million albums and headlined arenas — including Rupp Arena a few times — personification to screaming womanlike masses in a mid-to-late ’00s with his siblings Kevin and Nick Jonas as partial of a Disney teen-pop powerhouse The Jonas Brothers.

This is indeed Joe Jonas’ second try to find low-pitched success divided from The Jonas Brothers. His initial solo album, 2011’s Fastlife, never did collect adult speed with listeners. But he pronounced DNCE feels like something with a lot reduction vigour and a ton some-more promise.

“I was formulating song on my possess and perplexing to figure out what a subsequent step would be. we wasn’t utterly attack a symbol that we wanted,” Jonas says of his solo venture. “It rides on your shoulders utterly a bit when it’s a solo thing. we feel most some-more gentle with a band.”

The rope itself came together organically and facilities some players with Jonas Brothers connections. DNCE drummer Jack Lawless toured with The Jonas Brothers until 2013 and guitarist JinJoo Lee toured in support of a kin superstars as a guitarist for Jordin Sparks (a debate that came to Rupp in 2009). Bassist Cole Whittle, former member of a stone organisation Semi Precious Weapons, came on after to turn out a group.

DNCE (the name entrance from a word “dance” with out a “a”) had an roughly present chemistry and helped Jonas’ propel his tendencies for funk-infused and disco-indebted cocktail stone and witty lyrics. These are exemplified on a band’s 4-song EP Swaay and a strike singular Cake By The Ocean, both expelled in a tumble of 2015.

“That was kind of a vibe, we wanted to emanate something that was where we’re during during a moment. We’re untroubled and carrying fun in that moment,” Jonas says.

DNCE is prepared to take a chronicle of catchy, kinetic cocktail stone to a incomparable audience. They devise on releasing a full-length manuscript after this year and will be opening adult for cocktail star Selena Gomez on her arriving summer tour. For Jonas, he pronounced this rope best defines where he’s during musically and removing a possibility to constraint fans’ courtesy is usually as honeyed a second time around.

“I consider a usually disproportion is that some of them (Jonas Brothers fans) stranded around and new ears are listening,” he says. “It really feels good to know we have a voice in music.”

If You Go


When: 7:30 p.m. Mar 24

Where: EKU Center for a Arts, 1 Hall Drive, Richmond

Tickets: $15-$20 ubiquitous public, $10-$15 EKU students

Call: 859-622-7469


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