The Real Reason a ‘Jonas Brothers’ Were Trending on Twitter Yesterday

November 10, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers started trending on Twitter final night, withdrawal many people — including revolutionary fans — to consternation why.

We know!

Of course, a Jonas Brother‘s aren’t dead. Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas strictly disbanded a organisation in 2013. Kevin started a family, Joe eventually assimilated techno cocktail organisation DNCE and Nick blew adult radio with his solo career.

So when a internet went crazy for a Jonas Brothers, it was a bit of a surprise, deliberation they didn’t make any announcements.

Until we consider:

They were freaking darling when they danced their approach into a hearts with their initial manuscript It’s About Time, that they debuted on Aug 8, 2006.

No matter what, a guys lived to entertain.

Not going to lie, if “Hold On” or “S.O.S” started playing, we’d get adult and dance (at slightest in a hearts).

Nick, Kevin and Joe had a best style.

And they were always so good to their younger brother, Frankie.

They done a heart warp with joy.

And even when they got HUGE, they always treated fans with respect.

And they still didn’t mind creation fun of themselves.

When Camp Rock came out, we legit watched it a million times.

And afterwards there was Joe’s hair.

Through it all, a guys only kept removing hotter.

So now each time we see them on a street, we personally wish they will reunite. And, if not, we blow them adult on Twitter!

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