The ‘other’ Property Brother has an reason for his emo hair in this freaky photo

April 16, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

A reversion print of HGTV’s renouned Property Brothers recently emerged that freaked — and we meant freaked — people out.

(They were entirely clothed. Get your mind out of a gutter.)

The reversion photo, suggested to a universe by BuzzFeed author Brad Esposito, shows a Scott twins, Jonathan and Drew, with their brother, J.D. Scott.

J.D. is a one who threw people into a tizzy.

As several websites and fans exclaimed: Wait, what? There’s a third Property Brother?!

“I detected a Other Property Brother by possibility (basically someone during work showed me a Three Grinning Brothers design and pronounced ‘wtf is adult with this?’) and immediately began investigating,” Esposito wrote.

“How could someone from such a obvious and reputable family (the Property Family) have flown underneath a radar for so long? Especially when they demeanour like a Dragon Ball Z character.”

Anyone who didn’t know about a third Property Brother is hereafter kicked out of their fan club.

J.D. works on his brothers’ show, despite behind a scenes. But he’s got construction chops, too, and he hosts “All-American Amusement Parks” on a Great American Country channel.

And he was only in People magazine:

The other thing that done people pant during that print is J.D.’s hair. People mocked a brothers — all 3 of them — mercilessly.

J.D. got in on a fun by reposting a print to his Instagram, where he common this small nugget: He once worked in Vegas as a luminary imitator and Adam Lambert — so a hair — was one of his roles.

A wise #tbt print for sure. we consider a internet has crushed @mrsilverscott and me up, he’s a illusionist. we was an Adam Lambert imitator years ago that accounts for that overwhelming emo hair. Now I’m all @hgtv baby! #Repost @jonacuff ・・・ The 3rd Property Brother, who is a magician, is my favorite. we adore that a Internet dug adult this photo. I’d substantially call him an illusionist since we know they conclude that.

A post common by JD Scott (@mrjdscott) on Apr 6, 2017 during 2:36pm PDT

Today he looks some-more like this, to that we say, whew.

Vegas nights be like… #Fremont #Home

A post common by JD Scott (@mrjdscott) on Apr 2, 2017 during 12:49am PDT

Well, a sleet privileged adult though that peep charge currently wreaked massacre on a shop-worn roof. What a week for Mother Nature! Temporary insurance until a new roof goes on. Thanks for a assistance @dammitjozie_photo and @onlyonealli! #FriendsHelpingFriends #Storm

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