The Ones That Got Away: Yardfest Artists

March 27, 2018 - Jonas Brothers

Tisto Arrives

Yardfest is entrance on us and as vehement as we competence be for Wale and Lil Yachty lighting adult Tercentenary Theater, we can’t assistance though troubadour about what could’ve been…


Want all of a Top 40 hits during a fragment of a cost (and talent)? Sure, a lyrics are censored to a indicate of being unrecognizable, though we can’t tell by a ethanol and screaming.

The Fifth Runner adult of The Voice

Look, Harvard’s mercantile troubles are spiteful us all and we’ve got to cut some corners if we wish to keep a lifestyle we’re used to. Want something even some-more careful and indie? Just make a openers a categorical event. Although, we will need new openers for a openers….

Tiesto again

Would anyone notice? If he plays opposite songs it’s fundamentally a whole opposite concert. It’s all usually credentials strain for ignoring a essays and psets anyway. Does it unequivocally matter who presses that “play” symbol on a playlist?

One Hit Wonder (who usually plays that one strain they’re famous for)

We don’t need a collection of bops, usually one to get us by a afternoon. It competence indeed be improved if we usually hang to one balance so we don’t need to spend 45 mins sanctimonious we know their whole discography.

A boy/girl rope (minus a one good person)

NSYNC though no JT. Spice Girls sans Victoria. Jonas Brothers though it’s indeed usually Kevin. It’s a same familiar songs, usually with reduction vocals. We’d hardly notice a difference. In fact, we could literally reinstate all of a members and not be means to tell. That competence indeed be cheaper.

Look, no matter who headlines, Yardfest will have us all drunkenly screaming and jamming along. But if a CEB wants to start formulation for 2019, these are all guaranteed to during slightest spark some controversy (if not excitement).

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