The Jonas Brothers’ Dad, Kevin Sr., Is in Remission After Battling Colon Cancer: ‘We’re Blessed’

February 21, 2018 - Jonas Brothers

After battling colon cancer, a Jonas Brothers’ primogenitor is in discount — and prepared to share his story.

In this week’s emanate of PEOPLE, Kevin Jonas Sr. opens adult about his harmful diagnosis, how it strengthened his family and a significance of screening for early detection.

On Mar 7, 2017, Jonas went to a alloy for his initial colonoscopy and found a vast mass in his colon they suspected to be malignant. “My whole life unequivocally flashed in front of me,” says Jonas, who was 52 during a time (50 is a endorsed age to start screenings). “In that moment, we thought, ‘Have we lived a good life? Have we been good to my kids and my wife? Have we finished right by people?’”

The Jonas family: Frankie, Kevin Sr., Denise, Kevin, Alena, Danielle, Valentina, Nick and Joe (2017)

Three weeks later, after he underwent medicine to mislay a mass, his misfortune fears were confirmed: He had theatre 2 colon cancer. “Suddenly life felt short,” says a North Carolina-based restaurateur, who went on to accept chemotherapy for 6 months to forestall a recurrence.

From a impulse physicians sensed trouble, Jonas’ sons — Jonas Brothers Kevin, 30, Joe, 28, Nick, 25, and “Bonus Jonas” Frankie, 17 — forsaken their bustling career and propagandize schedules to support their father.

Jonas’s post-op augury was certain since a cancer was held early, though it shook a family regardless.

The Jonas family (June 2010)

“It was a unequivocally tough time — feeling like he wasn’t going to make it and not meaningful what was forward of us,” says Denise, his mother of 32 years.

Says Nick: “When we found out about my dad’s diagnosis, it was a change of wish and genuine regard and fear. we urge that no one else ever has to go by that.”

The famous house continued to support Jonas by chemo and several complications from surgery, a polyp, an pustule and a fistula.

“A conditions like this creates we arise adult and conclude a ones around you,” says Joe, who is intent to Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, 21.

Kevin Sr. (right) with Joe during a 2017 alloy appointment

Adds Kevin Jr.: “Just spending time together can be a best coping mechanism.”

And a cancer tour usually strengthened that bond.

“The boys showed me constantly — by texts, phone calls, visits — how most they adore me,” says Jonas, who, as a boys’ strange manager, helped launch their song career in 2005.

Finally, on Dec. 22, doctors announced Jonas in remission.

“I wish to have some-more intrigue with my mother of 32 years, see my kids get married and watch my grandkids grow up,” says Jonas. (Kevin Jr. and his wife, Danielle, 31, have dual daughters: Alena, 4, and Valentina, 15 months).

Kevin Jonas Sr.

And now a former priest — who non-stop a restaurant, Nellie’s Southern Kitchen, in Belmont, North Carolina, in 2016 — hopes to save lives by pity his family’s cancer crisis. Jonas is a new orator for Fight CRC, a colorectal cancer investigate and support classification that raises recognition about a significance of early showing by colonoscopy screenings.

“If we are 50 years or comparison and we haven’t been screened, a bottom line is we need to be screened. Don’t tell yourself, ‘I don’t have signs or symptoms so we can put this off another year,’” says Anjee Davis, Fight CRC President. “To palliate anxiety, we indicate people to people like Kevin and Denise … It is really lenient for survivors and family members to use their stories to inspire any other and to remind people to be screened.”

For some-more Kevin Jonas’s colon cancer conflict — and colorectal cancer — collect adult a new emanate of PEOPLE, on newsstands everywhere Friday.

Indeed, “I wish everybody to be tested as early as possible. People’s lives can be saved, though watchful could cost we everything,” Jonas says. “If only one chairman ends adult like me and catches their cancer before it’s life-ending, afterwards I’ve been a partial of something good.”

For some-more information hit Fight CRC during

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