That Jonas Brothers Reunion Might Not Be Happening After All, According To Nick Jonas

February 17, 2018 - Jonas Brothers

Sad news for newly carefree fans of a group: during a 2018 Grammy Awards red carpet, Nick Jonas tighten down those Jonas Brothers reunion rumors in an talk with Ryan Seacrest. Jonas, who’s presenting an endowment during a event, was put on a mark by a horde and unfortunately didn’t make a proclamation that a JB fandom would have favourite to have heard. According to a youngest member of a kin band, there’s no reunion in a works during present. But he still left a doorway open usually a smidge — so have faith, guys. You might find yourself bopping along to “Year 3000” during another live uncover yet.

The review all started when a official Jonas Brothers Instagram criticism reactivated on Jan. 15. That alone was adequate to get Twitter and Tumblr operative over time, spinning fantasies of reunion tours and maybe a recover of that scrapped fifth album. And afterwards a weekend heading adult a Grammys saw Kevin, Nick, and Joe unresolved out, some print justification of that was common on Joe’s possess amicable media with a caption, “The Boys.” Even some-more suspicious, a guys seem to be in review in a candid-looking photo, that fueled rumors that maybe a subject of that review was a group’s comeback. An unknown source told Entertainment Tonight that a photo was taken during a pre-Grammy bash on Jan. 26.

It also seemed earnest that until a night of a Grammys, nothing of a guys had finished a open criticism sharpened down a rumors. Instead, a family seemed to be enlivening a renewed interest. Their father posted an Instagram on his personal criticism a day after a reactivation, indicating out that #JonasBrothers was trending worldwide on Twitter.

Because Seacrest is a red runner pro, he knew what had to be done. So to put all of a minds during ease, he went true to a source to get a goods. And yet Nick Jonas seemed amused by a doubt and flattered by a fan interest, he didn’t have great news for Team Jonas. He said:

Aw, come on, Nick. The Grammys would have been a ideal place to announce a revision of a band, that was final active in 2013. Imagine a approach amicable media would have exploded if a Jonas Brothers had somehow wrangled a mark for a warn performance. But according to a artist, a Instagram thing wasn’t demonstrative of anything large happening, nor was a organisation hang. (Though, severely guys, a graduation of that organisation hang is what lifted a lot of eyebrows.)

If we follow a guys on amicable media, we know that they indeed hang out all a time. When a rope announced their breakup on Good Morning America five years ago, they gave artistic differences as a reason and pronounced that they were putting being family forward of all else. And as tough as that choice was for fans of a rope to hear, it seems to have worked out for their relationship. The brothers seem to be intensely tighten to any other and to a rest of their family, frequently removing together for holidays and special events (like Kevin’s daughter’s new birthday party) or for no reason during all.

And they’re understanding of one another’s solo ventures too. Kevin and Joe were on palm this weekend when Nick’s collection for engineer John Varvatos was unveiled, that usually modernized a gossip that Nick shot down during a Grammys. They’ve been successful in their possess ventures — from Joe versus DNCE to Nick’s film career to Kevin’s domestic tranquillity — and it has to be good for any of them to know that a other has his back.

The china lining? Nick Jonas didn’t order out ever reuniting to make song with his brothers again in his red runner interview. So make certain you’ve brushed adult on a lyrics to “Burnin’ Up” and that your unison t-shirts are protected in a drawer, since we never know. Maybe it’ll be these rumors that get a guys articulate about a possibilities of even a brief comeback.

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