Selena Gomez Replaces Justin Bieber With Joe Jonas? Cuddles Mystery Man In Instagram Video

August 14, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

Selena Gomez appears to have a new source of support after finale her famous intrigue with Justin Bieber. And it’s not someone predictable. Instead, Joe Jonas, who is famous to have a “Bad Blood”-type of attribute with Gomez’s best friend, Taylor Swift, after they separate and she dissed him in a breakup anthem, is display he’s on Team Selena, reported a Daily Mail.

Even yet Joe and Taylor finished their regretful attribute on a green note, Jonas is display his support for Gomez both verbally and by assisting her on her Australia debate with his band, DNCE.

Selena Gomez gets support from Joe Jonas during her tour. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

“I’ve famous [Selena] for a prolonged time. I’ve famous her given she was unequivocally immature and we’ve toured on and off and hung out for years,” forked out Joe.

“It’s cold to see, around a years, her success and how she’s continued to grow.”

Just how bad was that dissection between Jonas and Taylor? Swift claims Joe chose to use a write call to tell her that it was over. Moreover, roughly as shortly as that “you’re dumped” summary was communicated, Jonas segued into a regretful attribute with Camilla Belle.

Known for her ability in regulating difference as weapons, Taylor penned “Forever Always” about a bad news breakup.

However, notwithstanding that unpleasant separate in a past from Selena’s best friend, Joe stays tighten to Gomez given of their bond from their Disney days. Selena perceived her initial event to take on a heading purpose when she was a teen, starring in Disney’s Wizards Of Waverly Place. In a same way, Joe, as good as his Jonas brothers siblings, Kevin and Nick, got their opportunities in Disney TV shows and films during their possess teenage years.

Selena Gomez creates it transparent that she’s grown adult given her Disney days. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Fast-forward to their adult years, and is there any possibility of a regretful attribute between Gomez and Jonas? Joe hinted that he views it some-more of a attribute same to someone with whom he survived high school.

“I consider we really can describe on that, there’s an tacit Senior Year organisation of us that have left by utterly a bit,” he clarified. “Whether good or bad we’ve lived by it and we’re still doing what we adore so we kind of only tip a hats a small bit.”

As a result, combined Jonas, a dual will always share a special bond.

“It’s one of those things that you’ll always be cold with someone you’ve left by so most with.”

With Joe ancillary Selena in that “cool” bond, there’s someone else with whom he wants to cuddle right now.

One puppy is good, though 12 puppies equal complacency for Joe Jonas. [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for NYCDogswag LLC]

Actually, make that a dozen vital creatures, given he has a special debate supplement that involves “12 puppies,” reported Channel 24.

Jonas adores dogs, and cuddling puppies make him feel happy before a performance.

“I’ve had 12 puppies on a supplement for a while,” certified a canine-loving star. “Every once in a while, a city will uncover adult with 12 puppies.”

And while her understanding companion is cuddling those propitious dogs, Selena is cuddling someone special, too.

Love my Elie. Everyday we do a small catchup/cuddle sesh

A video posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Aug 7, 2016 during 10:04am PDT

She sent fans into a frenzy by posting an Instagram video display that she was cuddling with someone named Elie, reported Hollywood Life.

Who is a poser man? It turns out that Elie, who supposing a gentle place for Gomez to cuddle on her couch, is a photographer who plays a pivotal purpose on her Revival Tour.

Selena didn’t try to censor only how tighten they have become, describing their attribute in a caption.

“Love my Elie. Everyday we do a small catchup/cuddle sesh.”

In addition, Twitter has several hints about a attribute that Gomez has with her poser man.

And nonetheless Selena enjoyed fangirling all over Elie, she also took time for her possess fans during her tour. Gomez anxious and gay a super-fan by visiting a Selenator, reported MTV News.

Watch a OMG impulse below.

Selena assimilated Australian radio hosts Kyle Jackie O to revisit a super-fan’s house. Sophie was charmingly repelled when Gomez seemed in her front doorway and acted for selfies with a Selenator.

“I can’t trust that only happened. we can’t trust she took a time to come and see me!” squealed Sophie.

[Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Republic Records]

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