Scheana Marie Shay Appeared In A Jonas Brothers Music Video …

February 10, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

Scheana Marie Shay

When Vanderpump Rules initial started, a show’s grounds centered around waiters and bartenders who worked during SUR grill while essay for careers in a party industry. So, it creates clarity that a expel members would have some engaging behaving and displaying gigs in a past, and it was recently suggested that Scheana Shay seemed in a Jonas Brothers strain video.

I am vital for this explanation and we gamble that we did a Google hunt to watch this video again. we adore it. And now I’m wondering if Scheana is still in hold with any of a Jonas Brothers – that would be my fan lady dream come true.


Sorry for divulgence aged news. I’m gonna feel flattering reticent if this was already a thing that everybody knew about, though we can’t be a usually one who was agreeably astounded when we stumbled on a retweet from Scheana that enclosed a shade shot from a Jonas Brothers strain video for a strain “I Fell In Love With The Pizza Girl.”

It does not get most improved than that. Scheana was a partial of a stage before they – kind of, arrange of – branched out with a some-more mature sound. This was a commencement of that genuine Disney epoch Jonas sound and we positively adore it.

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I mean, only demeanour during that one shade shot of Scheana holding adult a pizza cake with shrunken down Jonas Brothers on it.  will never get over it. You have to watch this video of Scheana creation a pizza while the Jo Bros run for their lives while singing about their adore for her.

A fan tweeted Scheana to explain that it indeed was her in a video and not some look-alike and Scheana asking, “You were in a Jonas brothers strain video?! WHAT?!!!? When was this?” and Scheana responded, “Hahaha! Like 2008!”

Now we only wish Scheana to reunite with Nick Jonas or a Joe Jonas-fronted organisation DNCE for a strain video sequel- generally now that she’s a singular lady. It would be great.


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