One of a Jonas Brothers had to attest during a FIFA temptation trial

December 9, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

Sometimes law is foreigner than fiction.

Take a Jonas Brothers, Paul McCartney and FIFA for example. Three people that shouldn’t be in a same sentence, we’re certain you’ll agree.

But Kevin Jonas, of a Jonas Brothers (obviously) was called to a U.S. Federal Court in Brooklyn to attest in a ongoing FIFA crime scandal.

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So how did Kevin come to find himself in justice articulate about FIFA?

It was all to do with a McCartney uncover during River Plate’s Buenos Aires track in 2010.

Prosecutors were perplexing to settle either a Paraguayan central named Juan Angel Napout was in assemblage that night.

The male in question

The male in question

Big Kev was in city as a Jonas Brothers had a unison in a same track days dual days later.

With Napout’s lawyers refusing to accept that a unison had even taken place, Jonas was called in to say, err… it had.


Cheer adult Kev

Cheer adult Kev

It’s a flattering ballsy pierce perplexing to fake that a unison never took place.

The counterclaim lawyers would have been improved off bringing brazen a philosopher to disagree that we’re not unequivocally here, and a universe is all a fake existence.

Sorry, that’s a bit low for a Friday. Back to sanctimonious to work we go.

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