Nicki Minaj "Roughed Up" Joe Jonas in Hot and Heavy New Collaboration

April 12, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

After news pennyless that DNCE frontman Joe Jonas and Nicki Minaj will be collaborating on a singular patrician “Kissing Strangers” together, erotic outtakes from a strain video fire expelled on Monday only competence mangle a internet.

The former Jonas Brothers child bander took to Twitter to provoke his new song, and fans went furious as he posted a print of himself and a “Anaconda” rapper removing adult tighten and personal. In a voluptuous shot, Minaj—who flaunts her famous curves in a bikini tip and cowboy hat—grips a 27-year-old’s jean coupler as she leans in during a smoldering moment.

Joe Jonas / Twiiter

The star also took to a amicable media height to twitter a print of himself station with his DNCE bandmates and his co-star, and we get a closer demeanour during a songstress’s engaging getup, that consists of a span of rose-patterned trousers and a camouflage-inspired bikini top.

Joe Jonas / Twiiter

Taking to amicable media to urge herself, Minaj joked, “I’m off this thing. we jus… goodbye to all my fans who truly desired me” before clarifying that a fire apparently takes places in a cowboy bar.

The hip bound star also took to Instagram to provoke a partnership by pity a same erotic print and upping a ante even serve by writing, “Roughed him adult a lil bit on a set of a video. He’ll live.”

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Something tells us “Anaconda” doesn’t have anything on this video!

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