Nick Jonas v. Zayn Malik: The Journey From Boy Band to Solo Artist

April 15, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

Zayn Malik, Nick Jonas
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Today is a staggering day for both Zayn Malik and Nick Jonas. In a eventuality you’ve been vital in isolation, a former One Direction member forsaken his unequivocally initial solo album while 1/3 of a Jonas Brothers expelled a new song video. In jubilee of this unequivocally heated impulse in time, we motionless to investigate their journeys to solo stardom. We compared their dating lives, their unequivocally initial singles, and all in between. Who came out on top? Read on and find out. 

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1. Zayn withdrawal One Direction v. Nick violation out from a Jonas Brothers. Who incited a universe upside down a many with their departure? we mean, we consider we all know a answer to this. Zayn withdrawal 1D was literally a homogeneous of a universe ending, as a twitter above will have we know. His depart was so dire to fans, his one-year deficiency has a possess hashtag on Twitter today. Winner: Zayn. Hands down.


#BuyChainsoniTunes a couple is in my bio #chains

A video posted by Nick Jonas (@nickjonas) on Jul 29, 2014 during 9:27pm PDT

2. Zayn’s initial solo singular v. Nick’s initial solo single. We have to admit, this is a unequivocally tough call. While Zayn done vital waves with Gigi Hadid in “Pillowtalk,” Nick astounded us all by display off his bad child side in “Chains.” Simply for that reason, we have to call Nick a leader of this round. 


A print posted by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on Dec 20, 2015 during 3:53am PST

3. Zayn’s famous girlfriends v. Nick’s famous girlfriends. It’s no tip both of them have a thing for models. Nick dated Olivia Culpo, and Zayn is now related to Gigi. While Zayn has an rendezvous underneath his belt, Nick has been tied to countless celeb lady-friends given his Jo-Bro days. Winner: Both. Their infrequently identical ambience in models interconnected with their never-boring adore lives creates them both winners in a dating game. 


A print posted by Nick Jonas (@nickjonas) on Sep 30, 2014 during 2:33pm PDT

4. Zayn shirtless v. Nick shirtless. Damn. This is a tough call. They any have extraordinary wonder-bods, so it was formidable to select a winner. While Zayn satisfies all of a tatted-up, bad child needs, we have to palm it to Nick particularly on a basement of those prominent arm muscles. Literally one arm is bigger than a distance of a head. Who has an inhaler for us? 


A print posted by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on Oct 14, 2015 during 8:45am PDT

5. Zayn’s Instagram v. Nick’s Instagram. It’s no tip Zayn is all about his bad child picture when it comes to posting on Insta. Nick, on a other palm seems to have a bit of a jokey, softer side to him. While we adore that Nick doesn’t take himself super severely on his Instagram, we’re crowning Zayn a leader of this one. We’re a fool for his artsy black-and-white page. 


6. Zayn’s new manuscript v. Nick’s new video. Last though not least, it all boils down to these events. As we were saying, both solo artists forsaken new element today, and we can’t assistance though consternation who done a bigger splash. Nick forsaken his video for “Close” while Zayn expelled his new album Mind of Mine. On one hand, Nick doesn’t have a trending Twitter hashtag right now like Zayn does. On a other hand, how can we even review an whole manuscript to one song video? For that reason, we’re crowning both guys winners here. These dual have a singular low-pitched character all their possess that creates comparing their work scarcely impossible. Likewise, both have been extraordinary to watch rise into solo artists, and we’re equally as vehement to see what they will move to a list in a future. Congrats on your solo success, guys!

When it comes to Zayn and Nick, what are your opinions on any of their careers? Share your thoughts in a comments! 


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