Nick Jonas transitions to critical behaving in ‘Careful What You Wish For’

April 3, 2015 - Jonas Brothers

MANILA, Philippines — The youngest kin of a unusual Jonas Brothers band, Nick Jonas, stars in his initial adult and critical behaving purpose in a arriving thriller “Careful What You Wish For” conflicting Isabel Lucas and Dermot Mulroney.

Jonas plays Doug, a large mortified pure tyro who gets some-more than what he bargained for when he started carrying a really ardent event with Lena (Lucas), a mother of an investment landowner Elliot Harper (Mulroney).

Further into their relationship, Doug is eventually charged with adultery and has turn a primary think for Harper’s death. 

From a instruction of Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, who also destined “Gossip Girl,” “Vampire Diaries” and “Aquamarine,” “Careful What You Wish For” delves into a millennials’ enterprise for evident gratification.

“For me, a film is a probity story exploring that really theme matter and depicting a loyal consequences of attention-grabbing, momentarily stirring though unlawful behavior,” explains Allen.

“The film is a provocative, cautionary story for a arriving generational archetype – a counterpart organisation that is unexpected faced with a distant bigger stage, some-more receptive temptation, and aloft stakes than any era that has come before,” she serve adds.

“Nick Jonas is in roughly each stage of a film, and it was a loyal pleasure to combine with him as he superbly threw himself into a charge of exploring this young, susceptible character,” Allen said.

He also praised Jonas for his “beautiful” depiction of his character.

“We watch him both emotionally and visually renovate from an trusting child into a jaded, hardened man. At a finish of a film, a assembly understands in one elementary shot of his face that he can never have his boyhood back.  Ever.”

The executive also explained that she wanted Jonas in a expel since of his tender behaving talent.

“He himself was going by a transformative time in his career that mirrors a story line of Doug Martin,” she said. “There are many parallels between Doug’s story and Nick’s transition into film behaving – and we trust that this fact profoundly impacts a deep, abounding opening Nick Jonas delivers on screen.”

From Axinite Digicinema, “Careful What You Wish For” opens really shortly this May 6 in cinemas nationwide.

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