Nick Jonas Teases Possible Ariana Grande Collaboration: ‘We Wrote Together’

July 1, 2015 - Jonas Brothers

From Broadway babe and Jonas bro, to vital film and TV star, Nick Jonas has extended his wide-ranging talents into several fields of party and these days shows no signs of negligence down.

This fall, he’ll subsequent tackle life as a “fraternity dude” in a expected Fox array Scream Queens. While co-creator Ryan Murphy enlisted both Nick and associate songbird Ariana Grande to turn out a all-star cast, don’t design a span to lift a Glee and mangle out into song.

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“This plan is only acting. None of us are singing,” he told ETonline. But while a dual will not be lending their torpedo singing voices on a show, that doesn’t totally order out a destiny collaboration.

“We wrote a garland of songs a integrate years ago when she initial started creation her record,” he revealed. “We wrote together afterwards and had a good time writing.”

He after added, “Maybe there’s a partnership somewhere down a road.”

The suspicion of those dual teaming adult together on a strain blows a minds, as would a Jonas Brothers reunion. But Nick explained, that’s only not in a cards for now.

“I’m happy to be doing my possess thing,” a 22-year-old thespian admitted. “We’re all kind of happy to be doing a possess thing.”

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Nick and his brothers motionless to disband as a group behind in 2013 — a preference they still mount by. “We chose being a family initial and not a band,” he added. “Tough preference though it was a right thing for all of us.”

The “Jealous” thespian has copiousness to keep him bustling these days. In further to Scream Queens, he is now sharpened deteriorate dual of a MMA fighting play Kingdom and will kick-off a Nick Jonas “Live in Concert” debate in Pennsylvania this September.

“It’s been a good year and a half between a song and a behaving — I’m only prepared to get out there and play for [the fans] and have some fun,” he said.

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And if that wasn’t enough, he can now supplement partial record tag owner to his flourishing resume. Just final month, he announced a launch of Safehouse Records, a corner try with crony and associate ex-Disney star Demi Lovato and manager Phil McIntyre.

“We felt like it was time for us to set adult a possess thing and secure that we could emanate openly and in a protected environment,” he pronounced of a artist-centric label.

Nick will recover new song around a venture, that will pointer artists who will also turn partial owners.

You can locate Nick on Scream Queens when it premieres Sept. 22 on Fox. To watch him on debate this tumble click here.

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Nick Jonas Teases Possible Ariana Grande Collaboration

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