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July 2, 2015 - Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande competence both be appearing on Scream Queens, yet they have some things in a works that has zero to do with acting! The “Jealous” thespian told Entertainment Tonight that a cocktail star twin indeed wrote songs together a few years ago.

“We wrote a garland of songs a integrate years ago when she initial started creation her record. We wrote together afterwards and had a good time writing,” he said.

Um, do we ever get to hear these songs?! Since they were both in wholly opposite tools of their career afterwards — Ariana was on Sam Cat and Nick was still in a Jonas Brothers — their things competence sound totally opposite than it does now.


Nick also reiterated that he’s calm being a solo artist, even yet it was a tough choice to mangle adult a JoBros.

“I’m happy to be doing my possess thing. We’re all kind of happy to be doing a possess thing. We chose being a family initial and not a band. Tough preference yet it was a right thing for all of us,” he confessed.

Well, he’s doing excellent for himself now! And given his new character of music, we would adore to hear any partnership with Ariana. Her song also sounds a lot opposite than it used to.

Do we consider Nick and Ariana should collaborate? Do we wish to hear those aged songs they wrote together? Let us know in a comments!

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