Nick Jonas Snaps Back during ‘Very Rude’ Fan Who Mocks His Height: ‘You Need Some Manners’

August 26, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas is happy to stop and take cinema with his fans. Just don’t make fun of his tallness afterwards.

The 24-year-old “Levels” thespian clapped behind during a unpleasant fan on amicable media Friday, after a male posted a print of a dual with a satirical heading criticizing Jonas’ height.

“@NickJonas u need a few some-more inches bruhh,” a fan wrote in a Instagram heading of a design — that showed a former Jonas Brothers member smiling subsequent to him on a street, his conduct entrance adult to his taller fan’s shoulder.

Jonas, who is 5 ft. 7 in., was nothing too happy to review a dig. “You need some manners ‘bruh,’ ” he commented on a fan’s post. “I didn’t need to stop to take that design with you. Just rude. Very rude.”

The criticism was picked adult by other fans on amicable media who tweeted out a snap back.

The fan has given had a change of heart since, changing a heading to his post to, “One of a many common superstars…MY MAN @nickjonas.”

His backtrack done Jonas happy, who commented with a “thumbs up” emoji and a understanding summary for any fans aggressive a strange poster. “Hey y’all…it’s all good,” Jonas wrote. “No need to widespread hate.”

If Jonas’ strange summary to a fan seemed harsh, it could be since a Disney Channel alum spends his time on amicable media focused on certain posts.

He did that on Aug. 20 when he sent happy birthday tribute to his long-time crony and former debate mate Demi Lovato.

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“Happy birthday @ddlovato we’ve seen a lot of life together already.. most some-more to come as well. we admire we so most and am so beholden to have we in my life,” Jonas wrote. “Wish we could be with we currently to celebrate! we know we won’t ever let me live it down that you’re a month comparison than me.”

The post enclosed dual photos: a initial being a erotic shot of a dual with Jonas in a tuxedo and Lovato showing off skin in fishnet stockings. The subsequent print is a sum 180—a flashback design of a singers in a 2008 Disney Channel film Camp Rock, that aired when they were only 16 years old.

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