Nick Jonas Reveals Regrets About Growing Up As A Member Of The Jonas Brothers!

June 17, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

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Don’t punch a palm that feeds you, Nick Jonas!

The cocktail star — who’s left solo now — apparently regrets a fact that he spent his teen years as a member of a Jonas Brothers, according to a new documentary put out on Tidal centered on a creation of Last Year Was Complicated, his new manuscript that drops this week.

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In a film’s initial installment, a thespian non-stop adult about going to therapy after a bro group’s breakup, and a 8 years he spent with his brothers, saying:

“There were substantially some family issues that indispensable to be sorted out. At some point, we need to be means to demeanour during it with a certain angle.”

Uh, yes, we do — as in you’re famous since of your family rope from when we were younger!

Appreciate and possess that, man, we got a gift!

Anyways… will we get Nick’s new manuscript when it drops on Friday?! Let us know in a comments (below)!

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