Nick Jonas has suggested that of his Jumanji: Welcome to a Jungle co-stars would be best versed to tarry a real-life jungle adventure. Hint: It’s not Kevin Hart.

The thespian and actor appears alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Hart in a action-adventure comedy, and reckons he’s a many outdoorsy of all a expel as he spent a lot of time exploring a pleasing Hawaiian landscape while they were sharpened a film.

“On my days off we would shun to some of a pointless locations on a island and literally be scaling waterfalls. we had friends come out who were not as brave as we was and they didn’t suffer a hikes though it was a good time”, he said.

Nick Jonas says he would be a best versed to tarry a genuine jungle journey out of his Jumanji co-stars

The American star, good famous for his fraternal rope a Jonas Brothers, spoke to RTÉ Entertainment recently and certified that he fancies himself as “a bit of an adventurer”.

He can’t contend a same for all of a Jumanji cast, however he thinks wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson would be a subsequent best chairman to take on an adventure.

“He seems to be means to hoop himself in many situations,” Jonas said. “Kevin would positively not final an hour and I’d contend Karen would do alright though a bugs unequivocally favourite her, mosquitoes specifically, we don’t consider she’d be a fan.”

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Nick Jonas says Dwayne Johnson “seems to be means to hoop himself”

The 25-year-old Texas-born star pronounced he jumped on a project, that is a delay of a classical 1995 anticipation film starring a late Robin Williams, once he knew who was involved.

“It was an overly-excited ‘yes’. we substantially answered too shortly and afterwards my representative was like ‘Wow, wow, reason on!’ he pronounced with a laugh.

“But we know, when it’s Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan it’s tough to contend no, and [it’s] a film that we desired flourishing up. Once we review a book and a new take on it all and that it’s a delay of a story, we was so vehement to be partial of it.”

Jonas pronounced that a knowledge of filming with such a humorous and gifted expel was a pleasure and that he quite enjoyed a ad-libbing on set.

“I knew going into it that this organisation would be humorous though it exceeded my expectations. Just a unequivocally waggish organisation though also we consider a movement side of this unequivocally plays and it was usually one of those things where we would demeanour adult and demeanour who we was on set with and kind of be blown divided by a whole deal. 

“I consider being around people that are this minute with their comedy and this humorous naturally we can usually collect small things up. And afterwards Jake Kasden, a director, he’s destined some of my favourite comedies and had some unequivocally good things to say. we came out of it carrying schooled a lot. Also usually sharpened a film of this scale, it’s a large movie, and that comes with a whole eye-opening experience. we usually dripping it all up,” Jonas said.

Nick Jonas pronounced Jumanji dress was a usually obstacle of a filming experience

The usually disastrous aspect of a filming he can consider of during filming was his costume, that wasn’t accurately gentle in a wet Hawaiian climate.

“The usually thing was that during a wise they had me in all these garments and they were display me a impulse for a impression and we was like ‘this is badass’ and afterwards we didn’t consider about a fact that we’d be in a prohibited object all day in Hawaii, and we was in a leather jacket, so it was a bit of a sweaty knowledge for me!” he pronounced with a laugh.

Jumanji: Welcome to a Jungle hits cinemas on Dec 20.

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