Nick Jonas Reveals He Almost Went to College in Chicago!

April 25, 2018 - Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas could have had a unequivocally opposite career trail following a Jonas Brothers‘ breakup!

The 25-year-old distinguished his new partnership with engineer John Varvatos on Tuesday (April 24) during Nordstrom in Chicago, Ill.

The new JV x NJ line includes knitwear and jackets, honoring John‘s hometown of Detroit.

During a event, Nick revealed that he roughly went to college in a Midwest.

“There was a time we suspicion about entrance to propagandize here, going to Northwestern, so we do unequivocally adore this city, privately from this indicate of a year until about October. we was going to investigate English. we do a lot of essay myself, so that was going to be what we went for. But also, a dream unfolding was to try and travel on a ball team, that I’m not certain if that would have happened, though a man can dream,” Nick told The Tribune.

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