Nick Jonas Recalls Playing ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ With a Jonas Brothers & Details ‘Optimistic’ New Music

January 12, 2018 - Jonas Brothers

As a New Jersey local and former Broadway kid, Nick Jonas is no foreigner to Times Square. Even his Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve coming Sunday night (Dec. 31) wasn’t his initial round dump opening — a 25-year-old achieved on a 2009 NYE special with his siblings when they were in a heart of Jonas Brothers mania.

“They can’t get absolved of us,” Jonas jokes to Billboard brazen of his performance, referencing that hermit Joe achieved with DNCE final year. “They’ll indeed be here tonight. They’re not performing, though they’re gonna hang out. It’s good that we get to spend it all together.”

Spending a final night of 2017 with his brothers was a ideal cap-off to another considerable year from Jonas, who stars in a much-hyped supplement to Jumanji and warranted his initial Golden Globe assignment for his lightsome Ferdinand lane “Home” — that he achieved on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve along with hits “Close” and “Jealous.” 

With 2018 imprinting dual years given his Last Year Was Complicated record come June, Jonas is prepared to betray what he’s been operative on in a studio come a new year. Before he took a frozen Times Square stage, Billboard chatted with Jonas about his memories from a JoBros’ opening and what fans can demeanour brazen to from his new material.

The final time we achieved in Times Square was 2009 with your brothers. What do we remember from that night?

It was flattering chilly. we remember we was like, 13, and it was past my bedtime [Laughs]. No, it was a good time. It was kind of a top to a breakthrough year for us, so to applaud in a hometown section — we grew adult in Jersey, and we spent a lot of time in Times Square doing Broadway shows as a child — so it was a unequivocally special impulse to be means to perform and ring in a new year.

Obviously a lot of time has past given then, though how do we feel like you’ve grown as an artist?

I consider only life knowledge and knowledge behaving — all from a time with a brothers to a final 4 years solo, we consider I’ve only grown into my possess as an artist and what we wish to say. we consider a fact that I’m means to still tell my stories as a solo artist and write my strain unequivocally helps. It only feels good to take those stairs forward, to be endorsed in that way, and to still be here so many years later. we feel unequivocally beholden and I’m only perplexing to suffer a ride.

So will 2018 be focused some-more on music? Or will we change strain and behaving a approach we did this year?

I wish we had a answer to that question, since we don’t unequivocally know myself. There’s some genuine event and movement on a behaving side of things, and I’d adore to float that out and see where that goes. But also, strain is a initial adore and will always be there. 

Was there anything we wanted to do differently with your sound with a subsequent set of music?

I was desirous by a lot of opposite things for this subsequent physique of work. There’s a multiple of genuine organic instruments and elements as distant as prolongation goes, though afterwards spending some time in Europe progressing this year embracing tempo, songs that are fortifying in that sense, unequivocally came into play. And afterwards only opposite artists — people I’ve listened to for a prolonged time, though for whatever reason, a strain resonated with me in a bigger approach now. So people like Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, some-more complicated things like The Weeknd, even, and only things that unequivocally helped me to grow and pull me.

Were there any collaborators that we felt had a large impact on we this time around?

I worked with Justin Tranter a garland on this, we wrote “Home” with him. He’s apparently carrying an extraordinary integrate of years, and only such a good guy. And afterwards Simon Wilcox, who we wrote “Jealous” with, we got behind in and did a lot some-more for this one and became even closer friends and also wrote some strain I’m unequivocally unapproachable of.

Skylar Grey, too, is one I’m unequivocally vehement about people to hear a strain we wrote together. She’s always unequivocally inexhaustible with her time, and we only adore a sound of her voice, so infrequently we only try to hide her in there and keep her outspoken marks for my possess use [Laughs]. we don’t consider there will strictly be a strain with her, though you’ll substantially hear here in a credentials if we listen tighten enough.

What can fans design from a songs you’ve created this year?

I can tell we that this physique of work as a whole has a genuine clarity of confidence about it, in a lyrics. we collaborated with a smaller organisation of lyricists and people to concentration on verse and tune who unequivocally pushed me and helped me to never settle. we attempted to contend all of what we wanted to say. The final physique of work was unequivocally most a dissection manuscript and complicated in some ways, and this one feels lighter and we consider touches on an fad we feel about this subsequent section of my life and a tour that I’m going on. we listen to strain to be uplifted and to suffer my time so we wish to emanate that for my fans as well.

I consider fans can design a stepping off indicate from a final physique of work, a final bit of music, and only an evolution. Something that will unequivocally showcase this impulse in my life and hopefully be a celebration soundtrack for them, something they can also lay and listen to alone and get contemplative and kind of consider about their possess life. When we demeanour during a artists we admire, it’s people that write songs that unequivocally turn partial of a fabric of your life and assistance tell your possess stories since they’re so relatable and so universal. So we wish to do a same thing with my music. 

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