Nick Jonas Gushing Over Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Engagement Will Make Your Day

December 19, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

In one of a party universe’s unlikeliest pairings, Game of Thrones and a Jonas Brothers are now connected. Meaning, of course, that Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are getting married—and according to friends and family, everybody is unequivocally vehement for a a dual stars, who have been together for only over a year. But one family member sitting on a Jonas’ side of a aisle is over stoked: Joe’s younger brother, Nick Jonas, who done his fan standing famous this week when he non-stop adult on Friday about his feelings about his brother’s relationship.

“I am unequivocally tighten with Joe. We live together in L.A.; we spend many of a time that we have off together, so we would contend that we know him flattering good during this point,” he told People. “It was flattering transparent to me early on that this attribute was one that was arrange of meant to be, in a sense.”

His purgation continued: “Their connection’s pleasing and their support complement with any other is implausible and all that we wish we find in your soulmate, and I’m unequivocally happy for them.”

Nick has distinguished his hermit and destiny sister-in-law’s attribute on amicable media before. In May he posted a print of a integrate removing cozy during a Met Gala with a caption, “These dual ❤️.”

And when Joe and Sophie announced their engagement, he was discerning to repost his brother’s Instagram print with a caption, “Ahh! Congratulations to my brother… and sister in law to be on your engagement. we adore we both so much.”

He’s even attempted to make a couple’s nickname, “Jophie,” occur with his Instagram from their recent rendezvous party, writing, “Beautiful night celebrating pleasing people. #JOPHIE”

We don’t know if “Jophie” will ever indeed happen, though we do know that this kind of loving adore is super sweet.

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