Kevin Jonas Reportedly Also At THON 2017, Went Unnoticed

April 4, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

“I was there a whole time,” a eldest Jonas, Kevin said. “Joe literally usually achieved for an hour, though we stood for 46.”

To a shock, Joe Jonas wasn’t a usually Jonas Brother in assemblage during this year’s dance marathon. Oldest of a cocktail trio, Kevin, revealed that he was in a Bryce Jordan Center for scarcely a whole generation of THON.

“I memorized a line dance and everything,” he said. “Meanwhile Joe ran off to Champs, and that’s a usually thing people talked about.”

The ex-pop thespian explained that he didn’t wish to make a bitch about his appearance, and motionless to make it all about a kids. But still, he suspicion during slightest someone would notice him while he walked by a confluence and a rows on occasion, though not one Penn State tyro did.

“I know it’s been a integrate years and we never had a solo career, though we was in a rope too!” Kevin pronounced about his Jonas Brothers days. “I had a TV uncover that aired TWO SEASONS and conjunction Joe nor Nick ever did.”

“Whatever… it’s all #FTK…”

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