Kevin Jonas of a Jonas Brothers Just Testified in a FIFA Trial

December 7, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

Big time flex by a prosecutors to move out a real-life Jonas Brother. 

While it’s been some-more than two-and-a-half years given a initial arrests were done in a FIFA corruption/bribery scandal, a hearing to move a perpetrators to probity is still ongoing. And a utterly surreal theatre only played out in a U.S. Federal Court in Brooklyn. 

Some background: Prosecutors wanted to settle that a Paraguayan central named Juan Angel Napout, who is indicted of income laundering, racketeering and handle fraud, attended a Paul McCartney unison during River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires in 2010. (What this fact would settle or suggest, I’m not sure, though a prosecutors wanted to make certain that a justice room knew he was there.) Napout’s lawyers refused to acknowledge that a unison ever took place, so a prosecutors called on someone who would attest that he, too, was during a McCartney concert. 

So, who did they call to a stage? Some pointless Argentinian Beatles fan? Perhaps even a YouTube video or a McCartney debate website would suffice? 

Nah. The prosecutors called Kevin Jonas of a Jonas Brothers to a stand. Apparently a Jonas Brothers played a uncover during a same track dual days later, so they were in Argentina and went to see McCartney. 

“He was performing, we got invited,” Jonas said, per Buzzfeed News’ Ken Bensinger. “Any time we get to see Paul McCartney, it’s flattering special.” Jonas also testified that he missed McCartney’s initial dual songs due to traffic, since that was somehow relevant. 

This is a big-time flex by a charge team, to move out a verbatim Jonas Brother to attest that a unison took place. Good on ya, guys. 

But here’s a giveaway tip to Napout’s authorised team: In your cross-examination, move a strain “Year 3000” to a courtroom’s attention. How can we trust a man’s testimony who has claimed to have been to a Year 3000? Credibility shot. 

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