Jumanji 2: Leaked picture confirms The Rock co-stars with Jonas Brothers

September 28, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

The Rock (Dwayne The Rock Johnson) fans are now patiently watchful for a recover of his latest movement movie, Jumanji 2.

The large doubt is, who is with him this time? Anybody would like to guess? Well, a many fly-up emanate for his co-stars is one of a Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas as their characters started to uncover off while station in a jungle from a leaked picture in Instagram.

After co-starring with several good movement stars in a Hollywood on his prior movies, The Rock will now try his chemistry with a cocktail star and singer, Nick.

“I am strictly welcoming my man Nick Jonas to Jumanji,” The Rock posted on his Social Media post. ” Great dude, good certain energy, and really gifted person. He’s gonna kill this purpose like we kill things with my unclothed hands. The jungle awaits. The journey continues. And ironically a one who sings a many on set is Jack Black,” as reported by Gamespot.

Few days after, Jonas posted an picture on his account, “cast, organisation and artistic group are incredible.” He combined that he’s ‘pumped’ a lot to be partial of a movie.

The Daily Mail reported a other co-stars in Jumanji 2. It includes a 28-year aged Scottish singer Karen Gillian, that became informed to British fans as Doctor Who’s red-headed companion.

“Between myself, Kevin Hart/Jack Black, and Nick Jonas we’ve searched distant and far-reaching to find a one chairman to finish a journey in ‘Jumanji family’,” pronounced The Rock in an talk about Karen Gillan. “This isn’t only any role, though in many ways a many critical purpose in a movie. We had to find a girl. But not only any girl, we found Karen who is so bad a** who freaking shaved her hair for a Guardians of a Galaxy.”

Is Nick Jonas creation his career out from being a popstar to a new heated movement star? There is a lot to wait for in his new film with The Rock, Jumanji 2!

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