Jonas Brothers’ Dad in Remission After Battling Colon Cancer …

March 21, 2018 - Jonas Brothers

After being diagnosed with colon cancer final spring, Kevin Jonas Sr. announced that he is in remission.

In this week’s issue of People, a father of The Jonas Brothers opens adult about his romantic tour over a past year, and encourages others to get tested.

Over a past year, Jonas Sr. has perceived support from all of his sons, revelation People that they would send him enlivening texts and calls. “The boys showed me constantly — by texts, phone calls, visits — how most they adore me,” Jonas said. He was also a JoBros’ strange manager when a rope began in 2005.

“When we found out about my dad’s diagnosis, it was a change of wish and genuine regard and fear,” Nick Jonas pronounced of his father’s illness. “I urge that no one else ever has to go by that.” Joe Jonas added, “A conditions like this creates we arise adult and conclude a ones around you.”

The family suggested that they’ve spent as most time as probable together via his Jonas’ treatment, that enclosed chemotherapy and surgery. Eldest hermit Kevin Jr. added, “Just spending time together can be a best coping mechanism.”

In December, doctors sensitive Jonas Sr. that he was in remission. “I wish everybody to be tested as early as possible. People’s lives can be saved, though watchful could cost we everything,” Jonas says. “If only one chairman ends adult like me and catches their cancer before it’s life-ending, afterwards I’ve been a partial of something good.”

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