Jonas Brothers cancel tour, including Riverside show

October 30, 2013 - Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers, titans of a teen-pop universe from 2008 to 2010 before a brothers followed solo projects, have canceled a 19-date tumble quip debate dual days before it was slated to start, according to People magazine.

The debate was scheduled to come to a Riverside Theater on Oct. 28. Band frontman Joe Jonas was interviewed for a cover story that will seem in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Cue territory Thursday. The Thursday Cue territory was printed in advance, and a story was posted on Tap Milwaukee reduction than dual hours before a People story broke.

The band’s spokesman, Jesse Derris, told People that “there is a low difference within a band” over “their song direction” that came to a conduct over a weekend.

That’s generally surprising, given Joe Jonas spoke with a Journal Sentinel during 5 p.m. CST Sunday, and during a interview, there was no pointer of dissent.

Jonas did say, though, that a rope was “always in and out of a studio” perplexing to finalize a stirring fifth manuscript “V,” that Jonas pronounced he hoped would be self-released by subsequent month.

Now, according to a People story, that manuscript is adult in a air.

“There are days that are tough,” Jonas told a Journal Sentinel Sunday about removing a rope behind together. “You try to relive what what we used to be, though we have to remind yourself that it’s a opposite music. It’s a opposite vibe. We are a possess bosses these days and have to build a possess relations and businesses and continue to qualification a sound, and not only be a rope that plays to a certain market.”

“We’re wanting to make song that during a finish of a day we can lay behind and be vehement about.”

The Jonas Brothers have sole some-more than 20 million albums, though hasn’t expelled an manuscript given 2009. In a Journal Sentinel story, that mostly endangered a problem teen cocktail stars face transitioning into adulthood, Jeremy Schulz, code manager for WNRG-FM (106.9), suggested that a band’s newest singles “Pom Poms” and “First Time” “haven’t blending to today’s sound” and that a band’s best years were behind it.

The band’s website, Twitter account and Facebook page have nonetheless to announce a debate cancellation. A orator with a Riverside Theater pronounced refunds will be honored.

Is there a possibility a Jonas Brothers tour-cancelling difference might be a publicity-generating hoax? Here are five reasons to support that theory.



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