Jonas Brother Loves Cold Brew, Disses Coffee Bars

November 11, 2016 - Jonas Brothers


In a new AMA on Reddit, Joe Jonas – one third of a Flying Jonas Brothers, though substantially not a one that finished adult suitable Robin – took to a internet forum to answer questions from adoring fans (and to foster a new singular for his I’m-not-a-boy-not-yet-a-grown-up rope DNCE, that has both a lady AND a man with uncanny hair and neck tattoos). Being a self-described “caffeine aficionado,” Jonas gave his no-holds-barred coffee opinions. Turns out, he loves cold decoction and specialty coffee clichés.

During a AMA, Reddit user 12minute acted a question, “As a budding coffee enthusiast, what is your coffee/espresso/crafted splash of choice?” The ever-germane Jonas replied with:


So many questions here. Is Joe Jonas implying that a usually place to get cold decoction is during a “bougie third call coffee spot?” Is he observant that all specialty cafes are bougie? And since even have that dual judgment screed suitable of zero tangled in a center of articulate about how many he likes cold brew? The whole divide creates many some-more clarity though it.

Here’s my theory: Joltin’ Joe is scold in his comment of a bouginess of a cafes he visits because, many in a same approach he is compelled to creation bougie music, he’s preternaturally drawn to a bougiest coffee emporium in whatever city he is in. we mean, come on; if Joe Jonas isn’t during this unequivocally impulse wearing a slouchy white v-neck tee with a sleeves cuffed, a big-brimmed shawl with a plume or bluish on a band, and some arrange of prolonged necklace with a alarm or maybe some-more bluish swinging from it, I’ll eat my possess head. Maybe he is totally mark on, though he only goes to a comprehensive misfortune spots since he is their aim demographic.

Jonas does have a soothing mark for those that take coffee seriously, mentioning his appreciation for a film Barista and his skeleton to attend a foe one day to try out some of a signature beverages. Now, routinely onlookers don’t get to a possibility to ambience those specialty concoctions (unless you’re operative a media counter and we can take one from a train tub), though we theory when your hermit is THE Nick Jonas, some exceptions can be made.

Being from a live AMA, it’s many expected that Jonas’ remarks were meant to be in good fun with no malice intended. But since they are on a internet, we get to overreact to a unequivocally suspicion of someone observant bad things about a preferences. I’m guessing he didn’t unequivocally put many suspicion into a implications of what he was saying, kinda like he did with his new band’s name. If we are going to leave it adult to a assembly to fill in a vacant on a blank vowel, don’t assume they’re indispensably going to select an A over a U.

Zac Cadwalader is a news editor during Sprudge Media Network.

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