Jonas Brother Explains Why He Revealed Identity of Girl Who Took His Virginity

October 23, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

Is anything dedicated anymore?

Some might say, “Not so,” given amicable media has taken over scarcely each splinter of remoteness we have left.

When 27-year-old “DNCE” frontman Joe Jonas took to Reddit final week to reason an “Ask Me Anything” chat, fans were discerning to pounce, indeed seeking a star anything and everything, including to whom he mislaid his virginity.


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His answer incited heads.

Jonas suggested he mislaid his decency during age 20 to his then-girlfriend, “Twilight” thespian Ashley Greene:

For those unknown with a couple’s relationship, a dual met in 2008 on a set of his “Lovebug” video. After dating during a tallness of The Jonas Brothers’ success, a integrate called it quits in 2011.

Not usually did a thespian exhibit her name, though also gave a minute comment of how it went down:

“I didn’t have any condoms,” Jonas explained. “So we went to a drummer Jack’s room — who was my roommate during a time — and we demolished his room looking for them. [I] found them underneath his underwear drawer. When he came home, he suspicion somebody pennyless into his room since his whole room was demolished.”

“I was in apocalyptic need. Needed to occur afterwards and now. Safety first, kids.”

Snapchat: JOSEADAM ????

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Since Joe dished a mud on his adore life, people have been left confused as to because he would be so vehement about it.

Some suspicion Joe suggested who took his decency in an bid to annoy Greene, amid rumors that she cheated on him.

But it turns out a reason was most some-more simple.

During an interview with ET during a TIDAL x 1015 on Saturday in Brooklyn, New York, Joe pronounced he only felt like being open about his life to his fans:

“Life’s too short, we know?”

“I meant ultimately, we consider of myself as an honest guy. There are only those moments in life where we have to be loyal to yourself and loyal to a world.”

“I’m not out to harm anybody, though we think, ultimately, I’m only revelation my stories and what we can contend from my heart.”

???? #ToothbrushVideo entrance really soon…

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In a arise of Joe’s Reddit chat, Greene posted this to her Instagram, that many consider was a response to Joe’s comments:

A print posted by Ashley Greene (@ashleygreene) on Oct 12, 2016 during 8:18am PDT

If there’s one thing to take divided from all this, no matter who we are or how abounding and famous we might be, when it comes to a Internet, no tip is safe.

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