Joe Jonas Talks Trump, Wandering Around Craft Services Shirtless, and a Elusive ‘Camp Rock 3’

March 7, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

Look, we’re not fearful to acknowledge that a center school-era mania with a Jonas Brothers is still alive and good (DNCE is legit 🔥), so when given a event to discuss with Joe Jonas about critical topics like Donald Trump and Guess underwear, we leapt during a opportunity. More importantly, we asked Jonas about a next photo, and turns out no, he was not joking. Camp Rock 3 might indeed happen—and if it does, it’ll be a lot darker.


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On Filming Another (R-Rated) ‘Camp Rock’

“If it done sense, sure. For all of us—Demi, Nick, it would be humorous to do a spin on it. Do a graduating days, make it kinda dark. An adult film. Well, not an adult film. An R-rated film. We’ve joked around about a thought a integrate times.”

On Donald Trump and Politics

“We live in a universe now where, either we voted for Trump or not, it’s a crazy generation. A lot of people are vocal, and we can be selective. we cruise it’s good we have this platform—instead of carrying to go on a large show, we can contend what we feel right away, and people can remonstrate or not. DNCE likes to have fun and take we out of that mindset a small bit, since it’s a complicated universe right now. So, we try to stay out of a politics side. But there are certain things we’re ardent about—global warming is a large thing for us.”

On Shooting Those Shirtless Guess Photos….

“You’re perplexing to flex as most as we can, since we wish to demeanour your best. There was a lot of shouting going on. When you’re shooting, you’re so unprotected in your underwear—but after a time we forget, so you’re walking around catering in your underwear.”

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On Competing with Nick for Best Body

“Nick and we go to a gym together once and a while. It’s unequivocally humorous to see. That’s where we get competitive. Nick can put adult a lot of weight, he’s got large shoulders. But we don’t wish to demeanour like any other. we wish to be a small bit smaller, Nick is always carrying invisible suitcases around.”

On Being a Sex Symbol (FYI, He Doesn’t Consider Himself One)

“I don’t cruise I’m a sex symbol. There’s a small bit of an thought that you’ve gotta stay in a gym if you’re going to be in an underwear campaign, so we have that in a behind of your head. But it’s a lifestyle now. It was life-changing, we had to concentration on removing in good figure for this. But no, we don’t cruise I’d cruise myself a sex symbol.”

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