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April 11, 2018 - Jonas Brothers

Joe Jonas did not come to play.

The 28-year-old joins returning coaches Boy GeorgeKelly Rowland, and Delta Goodrem for Season 7 of The Voice Australia (premiering this Sunday) and fast shook adult a panel.

“Obviously, a initial thing we did was go online and demeanour adult his astrology,” Boy George tells TheFIX. “Joe’s a lion, a Leo, so he’s unequivocally assured and laidback.”

Just don’t blink that cold exterior: Rowland dubbed Jonas a “silent sniper” for his bent to sensitively swoop in on good talent.

“There are moments on a uncover when, yes, I’ve had to use some trickery,” a DNCE frontman laughs. “I’m smiling many of a time, though we have my diversion face on.”

Jonas sat down with TheFIX’s Ashley Spencer in Sydney to speak about life in a pivot chair, a impulse behind his new tattoo (hint: it’s not fiancée Sophie Turner), and when we’ll finally get a Jonas Brothers reunion.

Joe Jonas on The Voice Australia (Nine)

You’re a new manager on a retard this season, though we and Delta already had a tie from when she antiquated your younger hermit Nick a few years ago.
It’s been great. She’s been means to give me recommendation on what to do and how a uncover works. We have a unequivocally brother-sister attribute where we can provoke any other and disaster with any other, and we feel comfortable. We have those moments where it can get heated, but, along with a other coaches, we have that energetic where we feel like it’s one large family. There are moments that we’re barking during any other. There are moments that we’re shouting and carrying a good time.

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What are we looking for in your team?
I don’t wish only immature cocktail stars. we adore all opposite kinds of music – nation music, gospel music, funk, RB, rap, whatever it might be. So, we wish an heterogeneous organisation of people, and we consider we’re during a unequivocally plain place on Team Joe.

How are we settling into life in Australia?
I feel like I’m home. It’s a small bit distant divided from everything, though we like that since it creates me wish to concentration on a uncover and get to know Sydney as best as we can. And we feel flattering good about training a city by myself. we bike around a lot. 

The food, a people, a coffee – it’s so good. we hang to a latte, though there are some imagination milks we guys have out here that I’ve been trying. [laughs] It can sound like L.A. all over again. And we can’t kick a weather. Even when it’s raining, it’s still beautiful to me. we adore it here.

You’ve already assured Nick to visit. Any possibility he’ll seem on The Voice?
That was unequivocally fun. We had a good week together, and he’s going to try to come back, hopefully, for a live shows. we adore what we did in a states where we mentored Adam Levine‘s organisation [on The Voice US]. It would be cold to do that with Nick or my rope and move them out to advise mine.

Fans are flattering assured your new arm tattoo is of Sophie. So, what is a truth?
There’s a lot of conjecture of who or what it is. It’s utterly humorous and a small unsatisfactory substantially for a lot of fans of my fiancée that it’s unequivocally only a design of nothing. The artist that we got tattooed by [Curt Montgomery] is a crony and did this extraordinary drawing. He had it sketched up, and we was like, oh that’s cool. I’ll collect that. So, there’s not anybody that I’d contend it is, though eventually I’ll come adult with a name for her. For now, she’s a mystery.

Will Sophie join we in Australia?
Hopefully! we would like that. She’s busy, obviously, with operative on her uncover [as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones]. But she sees it all by FaceTime and is unequivocally jealous. She would adore some object and be means to come out here and suffer it. Towards a finish when we’re doing a live shows, hopefully, fingers crossed, she can come out for a few days.

Finally, after a Jonas Brothers Instagram seemed to mysteriously reactivate progressing this year, reunion rumours went wild. Is there any hope?
You know what’s funny? Everyone thinks a Instagram was reactivated, though we consider it was only there and nobody cared about it. Maybe it got a small blue [verified] idol eventually? we don’t unequivocally know what happened. Long story short, we would adore it down a highway if a time was right. There’s no promises, and we don’t unequivocally know accurately if it’s going to occur or not. But we never know. Never contend never. As of right now, we’re all away doing a possess thing and ancillary from distant but… We are family, so it’s easy to call any other adult and keep a options open.

The Voice Australia Season 7 premieres Sunday, Apr 15, on Nine. Get behind-the-scenes clips and inside dip on 9Now.

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