Joe Jonas: ‘I’m Dating,’ But ‘I’m Doing Me Right Now’

August 8, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

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Joe Jonas is on a market. The DNCE frontman spoke exclusively with Us Weekly during a launch of a Coffee Bean Tea Leaf’s Nitro Cold Brew, and non-stop adult about his dating habits and what went wrong with a Jonas Brothers.

“I’m dating, though zero serious. I’m unequivocally perplexing to only concentration on myself and a music,” said a “Toothbrush” singer. “Overall, I’m doing me right now and we consider that’s important.” Jonas many recently dated Gigi Hadid. They pennyless up in Nov 2015 after 5 months together. The singer’s other famous exes embody Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Ashley Greene and Camilla Belle

His comparison brother, Kevin Jonas, is awaiting a second daughter with mother Danielle, though Joe unequivocally isn’t prepared to settle down. He told Us Weekly, “I only watch my hermit and a bags underneath his eyes for a final year — him and his mother — and I’m like, ‘You know what? we don’t consider I’m there yet.’ And we gotta find a lady initial …”

DNCE only wrapped a three-month army as a opening act for Selena Gomez’s Revival tour, and Joe is looking brazen to a recover of a dance-pop group’s entrance album. “We’re going to be releasing an manuscript in October,” common a Camp Rock alum. “The album’s finished now. We had about a year to work on it. … Usually we have, like, a few months to holder out an album, and we had this year to develop as a rope and unequivocally emanate something that we’re unequivocally unapproachable of.”

Speaking about a Jonas Brothers’ 2013 breakup, Joe told Us Weekly, “It was tough for me as only a person, since it was all we [knew] for so many years.” But he believes it was a best preference for a trio: “It was like second nature, that is also substantially because we kind of during one indicate got idle or creatively kind of stopped caring as most as we did.”

After years spent furloughed with his brothers, Joe has come into his possess as DNCE’s frontman and has enjoyed carrying some-more control. “Nick [Jonas] kind of led a assign for a lot of it. So it’s engaging to have that captain’s shawl on and tell people what to do.”

He also pronounced there’s “no competition” between him and a “Chains” singer: “We have a possess lanes. Even a assembly doesn’t try to put us in this small joint like we’re competing.”

The “Cake by a Ocean” thespian and Nick, 23, still spasmodic jam together, and are open to collaborating on something inestimable in a future. But as of right now, a brothers are all enjoying their artistic space.

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