Joe Jonas Dodges Handsy Fans during DNCE Mexico Meet and Greet

September 10, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

David Becker, Getty Images
David Becker, Getty Images

DNCE is a four-piece cocktail stone band, who have expelled a sum of 4 (4) songs. Their entrance “Cake By a Ocean” singular appearance during No. 9 on a Hot 100, and they won a illustrious, fan-voted Best New Artist endowment during this year’s MTV VMAs. Their lead singer’s name is Joe Jonas — we may recognize him from his army on 2015 summer deputy programming accumulation show I Can Do That.

Oh yeah, and he was also in a family band/Disney skill famous as a Jonas Brothers. Have we listened of them? You’ve listened of them. They amassed fans worldwide in their heyday, and we’re peaceful to gamble some of those fans showed adult to DNCE’s Sep 8 accommodate and hail during a Plaza Patria Mall in Guadalajara, Mexico. Specifically, a ones who lunged during Joe Jonas, most to his disapproval.


On one hand, luminary accommodate and greets can be a diligent situation in today’s luminary culture, where amicable media has led some fans to cruise they’re closer with song stars than they are, and that they merit a peck/hug from their fave when they don’t necessarily. On a other hand, these Mexican Joe Jonas fans were overcome with excitement, and their uncontrollable childish unrestrained was punished by hands-on confidence and Joe’s tangible disinterest.

Please: Do not fist a Joe Jonas. SERIOUS DNCE FANS ONLY.

Another fan crossed a line when, discontented with her and Joe’s good-natured print op embrace, went in for a kiss. But Joe’s mythological catlike reflexes kicked in, and he yanked a top half of his physique divided before she could make contact. Then he seemed to assistance confidence give her a peaceful force divided from a step and repeat.

Note a lady who comes adult afterward, and seems to cruise perplexing it. Security helps keep her moving, though not before she gives both Joe and DNCE guitarist JinJoo Lee utterly a side-eye.

As a videos of a MG disseminate on Twitter, fans seem divided on either Joe was rude, or only not into a stranger’s affections (which is his right). The bodyguard’s hold with those immature women was certainly…firm during best. The discuss over a bounds between fans and artists rages on — though it’s like a thespian Joe Jonas once said, with his physique if not with words: “Don’t hold me.”

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