How Yo desirous a Jonas Brothers to emanate apps

November 11, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

Remember that stupid app, Yo, where we could ping someone with only a tap?

Well, Kevin Jonas does. At a Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York, a Jonas brothers talked about because they are formulating apps.

After saying a Yo app raise over $1 million in funding, Kevin pronounced it done rising startups demeanour easy.

“If they could do that, demeanour what we can do,” pronounced Kevin, about what encouraged him to make a Yood food app a few years back.

That try didn’t vessel out, so Kevin clinging time to Blu Market, a selling association for “influencers.”

And now he’s focused on a new a array of gaming apps that he’s operative on with rope manager, Phil McIntyre. Called PhilyMack Games, a group recently launched games centered around musician Demi Lovato and also one desirous by Joe Jonas’ new band, DNCE.

“We wanted to be fun adequate that a fans” use a apps, though also “have people who could only come in and play,” regardless of either they follow a music, explained Kevin.

It’s too early to tell if a games will have durability success, though it wouldn’t be a initial time that a luminary leveraged their code and combined a renouned app. Kim Kardashian partnered with Glu Mobile to launch a viral game.

But McIntyre claims it’s not a probable financial asset that’s motivating him in this venture. “Whenever we don’t concentration on a money, we finish adult creation a many volume of money.”


Featured Image: Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Fast Company

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