Here’s a Fun Video of a Jonas Brothers Getting Hit With Pies

May 19, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday to speak about his arriving debate with Demi Lovato, though some-more importantly, he played a diversion with his hermit Joe Jonas that resulted in him removing a cake to a face. In a game, reasonably patrician “Pie Face,” Ellen asked Nick and Joe trivia questions. If they answered correctly, zero happened, though if they answered incorrectly, they had to strike a symbol for a cake trigger however many times Ellen told them to. Ultimately, Ellen ran out of questions before anyone got hit, though Nick gamely concluded to keep attack a symbol compartment a cake got him. He afterwards took some of a cake and burnished it on Joe’s face, since if one Jonas gets pied a other one improved get pied too. 

Nick also discussed his personal life, and notwithstanding calming Ellen that he’s singular addressed rumors that he’s still got something going on with Kate Hudson. “She’s great,” he said. “We had a organisation cooking a night before a Met Gala, with lots of people and she was there and we was there. It was a group.” So there we go. 

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