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August 23, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

Although a Jonas brothers now do their possess apart things, they still collectively have an epic fan bottom following all their opposite projects.

From Nick’s solo career to Joe’s celebrity with DNCE, a guys are positively outstanding it so naturally their fans are entrance along for a ride.

One comment in particular, @JonasAUS over on Twitter, gives fans unchanging updates on a locale of a Jonas brothers so we held adult with them to find out what it’s like to dedicate a lot of your time to a Jonas brothers.

Who runs a account? 

My name is Eliza, and I’m a usually one who runs this account. I’m 21 years aged and I’m from Australia. 

How prolonged have we been a fan of a Jonas Brothers

I’ve been a fan given early 2007. we initial saw them on Disney Channel behaving their strain “Kids of The Future”. 

Why are we a fan of them? 

Oh, where do we begin? They meant a universe to me. we mean, they’ve saved my life. They’re a reason because I’m here today. we was going by a lot of things in high school, and they were a thing we could gaunt behind on when we was upset. we watched their YouTube videos each day and they always finished me laugh. Their foolish clarity of humour and usually their voices, laughs and strain finished me feel like we was important. 

How many time do we persevere to regulating a account? 

I refurbish it daily. Candids, appearances, photoshoots, videos, interviews, we refurbish them on my Twitter and site that is we do all we probable can to refurbish other fans around a universe with news and disdainful content. we like to give back. The people who constantly check out my site and Twitter are a reason because I’m still doing this today. 

Have any of a Jonas Brothers beheld a account? Retweeted? Liked? If so, when? 

Kevin follows me. we indeed freaked out so much, it was ridiculous. Nick has favourite my tweets a few times. The initial time he favourite one of my tweets was usually before his MTV VMA opening final year. The second time was about a month ago. we tweeted about his strain “Close” ft. Tove Lo going platinum. Joe retweeted me behind in 2011 when we was compelling a crap out of his solo manuscript “Fastlife”. That was a initial time a Jonas beheld me. The aged Jonas Brothers Twitter account, that is now @jonas_ent, follows me and DM’d me behind when a boys were carrying their comeback. 

How did that make we feel? 

Honestly, it finished me feel so happy. Like, we felt like they knew who we was. we know it’s usually Twitter, yet it feels like, with all a time we put into my Twitter and site, it seems all value it meaningful they know that it exists. 

Have we ever met a Jonas Brothers? 

I’ve usually met Nick, behind in Mar final year. He came to Australia for promo and Sydney Mardi Gras. My friends (we call ourselves a Jonastralians), we camped outward of a morning speak uncover “Sunrise” to watch him perform his strike strain “Jealous” and he came out to accommodate us and take photos and pointer CD’s. I’m assembly Joe as good as a rest of DNCE subsequent month as they’re furloughed here with Selena Gomez, so I’m unequivocally excited. 

Have we seen any of them perform live? If so, how many times? 

I’ve usually seen Nick perform on Sunrise and during Sydney Mardi Gras. we mean, they lasted about 5 minutes, yet it was amazing. To see one of a people who saved my life perform, it’s a good feeling. 

What’s your favourite strain from any of a Jonas Brothers and why?

Oh gosh, my favourite song. we have too many. From their entrance manuscript It’s About Time, my favourite strain is ‘7:05’. From their self patrician album, unequivocally ‘Take A Breath’. From A Little Bit Longer, possibly ‘Can’t Have You’ or ‘Sorry’. From Lines, Vines and Trying Times, many expected ‘Black Keys’ or ‘Turn Right’. The one strain that means a many to me is ‘Take A Breath’, though. It calms me down. 

Do we consider they are good purpose models? 

I mean, they’re not horrible. They’re good guys. They’ve finished foolish things, yet who hasn’t? There are people who are always going to rip them down, no matter what they do. Nick is unequivocally open with a happy LGBT village that is extraordinary and it shows how loyal and honest he is. Joe and Kevin are understanding of it too. They’re good people. we mean, I’d unequivocally call them my purpose models, they’re people we demeanour adult to with a good things they do. They try to give behind to their fans as many as they can, and that’s what unequivocally matters. 

What creates a Jonas Brothers opposite to other popstars? 

They indeed caring about their fans. It’s tough to explain. They’re usually so unique. They’re loyal to themselves and try not to censor what they’re feeling. 

Are there other Jonas Brothers fan accounts we follow and recommend? 

There’s a few: @NickJonasFandom, @NJBROficial, @JonasConcerts, @JickNonas2014, @DNCEnet and @DNCEpromos.

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