EXCLUSIVE: Anna Kendrick Helped Ben Affleck Understand Who a Jonas Brothers Are, Reveals Her Best

October 9, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

Anna Kendrick is returning for a third Pitch Perfect movie, and she non-stop adult to ET on Friday about how many she is looking brazen to a sequel.

“We’re filming in January,” Kendrick told ET’s Jennifer Peros. “I still haven’t seen a book a year later, though we am unequivocally vehement to start sharpened it.”

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Without a final script, Kendrick was means to let her imagination run furious with probable tract lines.

“I would unequivocally adore it if we were in space,” Kendrick joked. “I privately would adore to do one of those anti-gravity scenes. That’s my dream!”

Before Kendrick sees what’s in store for a Barden Bellas, fans can watch her break numbers in a action-thriller, The Accountant, conflicting Ben Affleck.

In a movie, Affleck plays freelance accountant Christian Wolff, who has some-more affinity for numbers than people. Behind a cover of a parochial CPA office, Wolff cooks and uncooks a books for some of a world’s many dangerous rapist organizations, though when a Treasury Department’s Crime Enforcement Division, run by Ray King (J.K. Simmons), starts to tighten in on him, a physique count starts to rise.

Kendrick plays Affleck’s womanlike reflection in a movie, as a immature clerk who catches on to Wolff’s dealings.

Kendrick and Affleck’s chemistry is clear on screen, and Kendrick suggested that a dual initial strike it off in genuine life a prolonged time ago.

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“I met him years ago during a telethon and we had to explain to him who everybody was that was, like, underneath 30,” Kendrick explained. “He was only sitting subsequent to me like, ‘Hey, who are these people?’ we was like, ‘Well, a Jonas Brothers are …’ and explained that to him.”

According to Kendrick, that communication put her in Affleck’s good graces immediately when they got interconnected together for The Accountant.

“He was cold to me from a get-go since he was like, ‘Oh yeah! You’re that girl!'” Kendrick said.

From Affleck and George Clooney to Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds, Kendrick has worked with some of Hollywood’s hottest heading men, and a 31-year-old singer dished on who was a many down-to-earth.

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“That’s a tough one since they’re all so great,” she said. “I mean, George, obviously. And Ryan Reynolds was a man where we was like, ‘How are we this normal?'”

As for her favorite partial about Blake Lively’s man? His dim clarity of humor.

“He’s only so humorous and cold and we feel like a universe unequivocally got to see that with when he was doing Deadpool,” she gushed. “He was doing all this things on amicable media and we was like, ‘Oh this is your clarity of amusement like unequivocally being common for a initial time.’ He’s so dim and funny, that we love.”

Of course, Kendrick isn’t always operative on sets with A-list stars, so ET asked what she does in her downtime, that led to this laughable response.

“It’s unequivocally tough not to contend ‘watch porn,’ since that’s what we wish to contend each time someone asks me that question,” Kendrick joked. “You can atmosphere that or not atmosphere that. It’s unequivocally adult to you. My mind only goes, ‘Say watch porn.'”

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The Accountant opens Oct. 14.

Reporting by Jennifer Peros

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