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July 12, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

Once on a time, “JB” stood for a Jonas Brothers and not Justin Bieber. In a mid- to late 2000s, these low-pitched siblings were a sensation, generally with a Disney Channel-watching crowd. First, they seemed on a radio; afterwards they entered a universe of cinema and TV with Camp Rock and their possess sitcom, reasonably patrician Jonas. Now, Nick has a successful career as a solo artist, Joe is a member of chart-topping rope DNCE, and Kevin is happily married, yet a JoBros will never be forgotten. While we keep a fingers crossed for a reunion debate someday, because don’t we arrange their strain videos?

17. “Kids of a Future” (2007)

The Jonas Brothers play to a vast crowd. Also, Joe breaks a fourth wall and sings to a camera a few times.

16. “Hold On” (2007)

The Jonas Brothers play in a breezy room. Also, Joe breaks a fourth wall and sings to a camera a few times. And there’s a remarkable plcae switch to a desert.

15. “I Wanna Be Like You” (2007)

Most of this video consists of possibly a) The Jonas Brothers personification in some kind of room with jungle-themed decorations or b) footage from The Jungle Book. There are also some shots of girls putting accessories on a card cutout of King Louie from The Jungle Book. And of course, it wouldn’t be an early Jonas Brothers video yet Joe violation a fourth wall.

14. Theme strain for “American Dragon: Jake Long” (2006)

This is kind of a same understanding as a “I Wanna Be Like You” video. A lot of it is usually shots of a Jonas Brothers performing—this time on a movement ramp, though. There are also some clips from a suggested Disney TV show. The video gets reward points for some lovable moments of communication between a rope and a show’s animation characters (e.g. Jake Long high-fiving Joe and tossing him a mic).

13. “Mandy” (2006)

A customary 2000s video that includes shots of a rope personification their instruments in a city and subsequently using from a patrolman who finds them a nuisance. Inexplicably, black and white shots start appearing in a video about 3/4 of a approach through. It’s fun, yet simple.

12. “Fly With Me” (2009)

The “Fly With Me” video is a gathering of footage of a Jonas Brothers rehearsing and performing. As with a band’s other behind-the-scenes character videos, it includes copiousness of moments that make a Jonas Brothers seem like affable, laid-back guys—e.g. a boys personification ping-pong with Big Rob (a.k.a. a world’s coolest confidence guard), Nick tossing an autographed ball to fans, and small hermit Frankie (“the Bonus Jonas”) chasing Joe as he rides around on a Segway.

11. “When You Look Me In a Eyes” (2008)

This is a initial ballad that a Jonas Brothers expelled as a single, and a strain video reflects that. It’s filmed wholly in black and white, and mostly comprises footage from a JoBros’ large locus shows, including sum like girls holding adult signs with such slogans as “Your Real Dream Girl Lives in Wisconsin!” Be on a surveillance for a Frankie cameo.

10. “Send It On” (from “Disney’s Friends for Change”) (2009)

If we watched Disney Channel in 2009, this video was a large deal. we mean, it showed a Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez teaming adult to foster environmentalism by a energy of song. What some-more could we ask for?

9. “Poor Unfortunate Souls” (2006)

The video for a Jonas Brothers’ pop-punk cover of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid is accurately what we would design a video for a pop-punk cover of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” to be. (That’s a good thing!) At a pool where adults demeanour on judgmentally and a pointer reads “No Fun Allowed,” a boys jam out and, well, have fun. Their stupid antics are entertaining, yet not utterly as interesting as a antics that would seem in after videos (see #1 and #2 on this list).

8. “S.O.S.” (2007)

Rico from Hannah Montana (Moises Arias during approximately 13 years old) steal’s Joe’s girl. Also, Kevin copes with rejecting by angrily throwing a phone in a trash. In other words, don’t skip out on this one.

7. “Pom Poms” (2013)

“Pom Poms” was a large quip strain for a brothers who were once a homecoming kings of cocktail for a certain demographic. It’s fitting, then, that a strain video puts them in a center of a larger-than-life pep convene featuring a Southern University Marching Band. Some scenes are flattering customary for cocktail videos (e.g. lots of shots of dancing women), while others are artistic and singular (e.g. Nick Jonas participating in a dance-off).

6. “First Time” (2013)

Ironically, “First Time” is a final strain video a Jonas Brothers ever made. It was a good note for them to go out on. Filmed in Las Vegas, featuring both endearing GoPro shots of a guys and artsy footage of city lights, it shows that even yet a Jonas Brothers competence have been frequenting casinos and parties instead of Disney Channel sets in 2013, they were still a same fun-loving guys.

5. “Paranoid” (2009)

The video for “Paranoid” shows off opposite mystic representations of paranoia. Each JoBro finds himself in a singular prison: Kevin’s room unexpected becomes populated with other Kevins, since Joe ends adult in a fighting ring and Nick is clearly stalked while pushing by a desert. At a end, there’s a waggish impulse involving some chaff between a guys, reminding viewers that a brothers wouldn’t remove their clarity of amusement as they matured.

4. “Year 3000” (2007)

The strain video for their cover of British rope Busted’s “Year 3000” is a verbatim interpretation that a strain deserved. We see “the neighbor called Peter” and watch a boys burst in a motion capacitor. We afterwards get to check out a future, that involves pink-haired girls who transport in bubbles. There are some brightly colored charcterised shots, too. It’s wholesome, nonsensical entertainment.

3. “Lovebug” (2008)

This superb strain video starts with a stage of small girls opening their grandparents’ print album, labeled “1938-1945.” Then we get to go into a universe of a cinema and transport behind in time, where we see a Jonas Brothers personification a unison while dressed in duration attire. When a delightfully anachronistic guitar solo arrives, we see a room full of couples dancing in a character of a 1940s, and confetti rains down. The cinematography is generally beautiful, too.

2. “Bounce” (feat. Demi Lovato) (2009)

Bounce shows a Jonas Brothers during rise goofiness, in an epoch when they could be as stupid as they wanted to and still be on tip of a world. Wearing a weirdest outfits imaginable, with an equally strangely dressed Demi Lovato by their side, they do all kinds of things usually for laughs. Joe plays during a playground, Nick gets adult tighten to a camera and raps about carrying a pet mouse, and Big Rob carries a bang box. (Kevin’s not there for some reason.) There’s also a dance montage that can usually be described as “interesting.” It’s a satire taken to a extreme.

1. “Burnin’ Up” (2008)

Come on, we knew this was going to be series one. The intro shows some infrequent chaff between a guys, with Nick and Kevin perplexing to tell Joe that no, that lady over there is not checking him out. Then Big Rob stairs in to palm a boys a book for their subsequent strain video. After that, a strain starts, and we get to see Nick, Joe, and Kevin personification superheroes. Nick’s a view who rescues Selena Gomez (then his girlfriend) in a stage that combined most fad for a band’s Disney-watching fans during a time. Joe’s an clandestine patrolman in a illusory uncover called Hot Tropic, Kevin’s a martial humanities hero, and Big Rob teams adult with a rope for a call-and-response swat interlude. This was a golden epoch of a Jonas brothers, and it was glorious. Never forget.

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