Doughnut Lounge abruptly closes 3 area shops only months after expanding

May 10, 2018 - Jonas Brothers

Westport’s Doughnut Lounge, that non-stop dual years ago, stretched progressing this year with locations in North Kansas City and Overland Park.

Now all 3 of those locations have abruptly shuttered.

Signs on a doors of a Overland Park and Westport locations say: “We are sealed today. Sorry for any inconvenience.” The North Kansas City location, that also housed a prolongation facility, no longer has a Doughnut Lounge sign.

The phones have been disconnected, and a company’s amicable media sites are down.

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Doughnut Lounge creatively non-stop in late 2015 during 4117 Pennsylvania Ave.

Founder Jake Randall wanted it to be a place that transitions from review over workman doughnuts and coffee in a morning to wine, drink and specialty cocktails during night.

He spent months gutting a Westport mark to modify a longtime sell space to a restaurant. He weathered delays caused by city codes and augmenting expenses, though he was buoyed by $27,009 lifted by Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform.

“When we would wish to give up, a lot of people in a village said, ‘You’ve got this.’ I’m so grateful,” he pronounced during a time.

Doughnut Lounge offering classical doughnuts such as glassy and out-of-date though also signature flavors such as Lucky Charms (cereal divert glitter and cereal bits) and goat cheese (goat cheese custard, base drink glitter and uninformed basil). It also had “noduts,” described as a “meal in a doughnut.”

The grill has had a share of publicity. In February, a eatery’s DL39 doughnut was featured on a Food Network’s Grill Dads program. In Jul 2016, Joe Jonas and his rope DNCE spent a half-hour handing out giveaway doughnuts to hundreds of fans.

Joe Jonas, before of a Jonas Brothers and now with a rope DNCE, done an coming Friday afternoon in Westport during Doughnut Lounge to palm out 2,000 giveaway doughnuts to fans before a rope non-stop for Selena Gomez during a Sprint Center. David

Randall after sole some of his doughnuts in internal Filling Station cafes and afterwards took on investors to expand.

In 2017, a indiscriminate prolongation changed to 1250 Burlington St. in North Kansas City. Then in November, a food lorry set adult emporium in front with a new sell emporium opening in a building progressing this year. A plcae also non-stop during 7926 Santa Fe Drive in downtown Overland Park in January.

Brad Killen, owners of a North Kansas City building, reliable Doughnut Lounge had changed a prolongation about 3 weeks ago and sealed a sell emporium this week.

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