Disney Channel to underline initial plainly happy character

November 2, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

By Ollie Gratzinger | Features Editor


When we consider of Disney Channel, what comes to mind?
Is it jamming to a Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock, or banishment adult ye olde desktop in your father’s bureau to play videogames on a station’s website?

Regardless, there’s a good possibility that happy rights aren’t one of a topics evoked by a discuss of a network. But maybe that’s about to change.

Disney done inhabitant news this past Friday with a first-ever “coming out” arc, featured in a Season 2 premiere of Andi Mack.

To sum adult a plot, a uncover follows a life of tweens Andi, Cyrus, Buffy and Jonah, a quad of friends navigating a often-rocky trail to self-discovery as they come of age together. Andi Mack has a repute for bringing adult issues that kids face on a daily, from a comparably pardonable sports group play and task angst to a most some-more gloomy topics of damaged homes and multiculturalism. It came as no surprise, then, when a headlines pennyless several days ago with a proclamation that Cyrus had been abrasive on Jonah roughly from a start.

It is a heartwarming entrance out stage over lunch with Buffy in that Cyrus reveals his secret, along with a distrust that comes along with it. He tells her that he feels uncanny and different, to that she fondly replies, “You’ve always been weird. But you’re no different.”

With those words, Disney Channel told a epoch of kids that it’s fine to be gay. It normalized something that, when we was flourishing up, was treated like this difficult and banned theme not to be brought adult or mentioned underneath any circumstance, ever. The word “gay” competence as good have been a abuse for middle-school-aged kids in a early 2000s, though a same demographic was met on Friday with a comfortable summary on acceptance, honour and a blind, trusting inlet of love.

That’s a kicker: innocence. If we had a dollar for any dark, gloomy LGBT plotline that centered around ignominy, self-loathing, self-murder pacts or hatred crimes, I’d be means to compensate Duquesne’s fee with adequate left over for Freshëns and Starbucks. Don’t get me wrong — as a kid, we desired Kurt from Glee, though we also suspicion that a bullying he endured and a siege he felt as a outcome of his sexuality were usually unavoidable tools of being queer.

As we got older, any uncover with an LGBT protagonist — Queer as Folk, Shameless and a like — decorated what felt like overly-sexualized caricatures of happy men, battling things like incessant loneliness, drug addiction, unloving households, violent partners or STDs. we consider it goes though observant that those things are frequency deputy of life in a happy community, and yet, it felt like that was a usually kind of bearing LGBT folks were removing in mainstream media. There was no accepting, tighten crony to disclose in over lunch, and there were no heartwarming entrance out scenes to make inhabitant news. Instead, there were rough affairs, depressive episodes and a ever-present question, “Is this all we have to demeanour brazen to?”

Disney Channel is doing an implausible use to immature LGBT kids in permitting them their stupidity while during a same time giving them a illustration they’ve lacked for decades. Cyrus’ storyline normalizes same-sex middle-school crushes, a summary of puppy love, though a definition behind Cyrus’ sexuality goes deeper. It shows friends usurpation any other though any hesitations or questions asked in an epoch of destructive and divisive tongue that mostly perpetuates a plant in a LGBT community.

In a multitude that so mostly feels implicitly carnivorous and blatantly unwelcoming, Andi Mack offers a word of confident wish to LGBT kids and adults comparison that we haven’t nonetheless mislaid steer of a brighter future. The happy village is not exclusively outrageous and blindly decadent, as Queer as Folk competence suggest, though rather innocent, healthy and wholly normal.

With any luck, media such as Andi Mack competence assistance to favour a some-more open-armed generation, eradicating a stupidity that tends to rest during a heart of bigotry. And, with a bit of sad thinking, other shows competence follow suit, and we competence usually find ourselves vital in a destiny liberated during final from a purchase of homophobic ideology.

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