Cheerleader Spotlight: DBC Sydney

November 25, 2017 - Jonas Brothers


Hometown: Greeley, Colo.

College: University of Northern Colorado

Occupation: Style blogger

Nickname: Sydder, Syd-vicious, Syd a kid

Zodiac sign: Aries


Movie/TV Show: “Finding Nemo”/ “Friends”

Song to dance to: So many! Probably anything by Flo Rida, he’s only a celebration starter.

Junk food: Chocolate

Dream car: A quick one!

Color: Green

Superhero: Superman

Holiday: That’s tough. Probably Christmas since it brings all of my family underneath one roof.

Animal: Sea turtle!

Quote: “If your dreams don’t shock you, they aren’t large enough.”

Get to know Sydney:

What does being a DBC meant to you? Being a DBC means all to me. we arise adult carrying to splash myself since even in my 2nd year, it’s still a dream! It means we am a purpose model, an envoy and a teammate! It also means we get to dance each day, that is all we could wish for in my life! 

Who is your hero? My mom. we have never seen anyone constantly put others before themselves though awaiting anything in return. we consider she is truly someone we aspire to be like when I’m a mom — caring, though tough, and always behaving out of love. She is also a hockey player, so that’s awesome.

Tell us about a initial unison we went to? Oh goodness! we trust it was Aly AJ, a renouned twin from a Disney Channel. The Jonas Brothers were also there that was all we could have wanted during 12!

If there were a film done about your life, that luminary would we wish to play you? Who would play your parents? we consider we would wish Zooey Deschanel to play myself. She can be quirky and a small dorky with jokes and that’s unequivocally me. For my parents, I’m not sure! They would substantially play themselves as no one could ever get what they have.

What is your dream vacation destination? Santorini, Greece!

Any dark talents or tricks we can do? we play golf, does that count?

When did we initial start dancing/cheerleading? When we was 10! we forced my mom to put me in dance class.

In 10 years we see myself… Married —maybe with kids — roving and still dancing!

As a kid, what did we wish to be when we grew up? An singer or a dancer.

What recommendation would we give your younger self? To request myself more. we didn’t unequivocally learn what it meant to work tough until college.

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