Both Jonas Brothers Showed Up to Support Sophie Turner during a Game of Thrones Premiere

July 13, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

The ladies of Westeros were out in force during Wednesday night’s Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere, and Sophie Turner was no exception. The healthy blonde, who plays Sansa Stark on a show, had returned to her red hair and dumbfounded in a sequined Louis Vuitton mini and an consultant cat eye.

“It feels good. It feels empowering. we feel like myself again. It’s interesting. Naturally, I’m a blonde, though all of a sudden, I’m behind to red and I’m unexpected like, oh, Sophie’s back,” she told InStyle of apropos a redhead once again.

After branch heads on a red carpet during Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and during a screening of a season’s initial episode, Turner headed to a after-party, where she sat during a list with her BFF Maisie Williams (GoT‘s Arya Stark) and beloved Joe Jonas.

While Turner contingency have been happy for her boyfriend’s support, she sat subsequent to Williams during a festivities (because Stark sisters have to hang together). Also during a same table: Joe’s younger hermit Nick Jonas, a self-described vital Game of Thrones fan. Perhaps he tagged along in hopes of throwing up with Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys Targaryen? Sadly, she wasn’t in attendance.

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So what can we design to see from Sansa this season? Some vital changes, according to Turner. “They can design for Sansa a lot of grappling with a new house she has, and entrance to terms with a fact that she’s usually ever been a captive, and underneath other people’s influence, and finally she has a biggest power. She doesn’t utterly know what to do with it. So that’s unequivocally engaging this season,” she told InStyle.

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Turner, who grew adult on a show, even common her recommendation for her younger self. “Watch everybody distant more, like absorb. Watch Lena [Headey]. Watch Peter [Dinklage]. You’re not going to get to act with them for a few years,” she told us. “Learn from them while we’re still carrying scenes with them since they taught me so much, though we wish we had only celebrated more.”

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