Auditions for Jonas Brothers Family Restaurant in Downtown Belmont

October 9, 2015 - Jonas Brothers

– On Thursday, tighten to one hundred performers walked into a strain mashup – a internal mix of Glee meets American Idol. They’re perplexing out for a new singing grill owned by a Jonas Brothers family.

Singers warmed adult their outspoken chords while guitar players tuned their strings. They were removing prepared to travel into their one-on-one try-out with a father of a cocktail singers.

“I can’t unequivocally confirm what to play. Maybe some Vance Joy or Jimi Hendrix,” pronounced Paulina Evers as she hold her guitar.

“The second man came in and pronounced he used to work for Al Green. Then we said, well, we improved play some Al Green,” pronounced Caleb Davis.

Evers and Davis both contend they perform frequently in Charlotte. For some others auditioning, it could be their initial time.

“I customarily only sing in a automobile or a shower. we only wanted to try something new,” pronounced Kayla Journey.

“I feel like strain is a soundtrack to my life. It’s like a blood going by my veins,” pronounced Quardney Dwalt, also a singer.

All of them contend they wish to possibly be partial of a residence rope or a waiter-performer during Nellie’s Southern Kitchen in a heart of Belmont’s downtown.

“I’m anticipating it’s both a cold thing to do in my 20’s and a stepping mill to a bigger and improved thing for me,” pronounced Dwalt.

“I watch Glee and they had a grill like this. we could be like Rachel Berry,” pronounced Journey.

“It’s good to have somewhere tighten to play. we suspicion I’d only check and try it out,” pronounced Davis.

“I’ve been watchful for an event like this. When we saw it, we thought, we improved go get it,” pronounced Evers.

Nellie’s southern Kitchen will offer lunch and cooking with a low-pitched flair. It’s approaching to be portion a business with strain in time for a holidays.

The grill is named after Jonas’ maternal grandmother and is a reverence to a Jonas’ family’s roots in North Carolina dating behind to a 1760’s.

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