Are Christina Aguilera & Demi Lovato Friends? The Two Are Performing Their New Duet At The Billboard Music Awards

May 20, 2018 - Jonas Brothers

For months, Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato have been dropping hints about their arriving collaboration. Now it’s official: these dual cocktail divas will span adult for a initial time ever to perform a duet during a Billboard Music Awards on May 20. The new song, “Fall In Line,” is a third singular on Christina’s new album, Liberation, which drops Jun 15. But are Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato indeed friends IRL? As with any luminary speculation, it’s challenging to contend for certain though central acknowledgment from possibly person, though I’ve gathered all a applicable evidence, that indicates that a dual are in fact friends, or during least, accessible acquaintances.

One week ago, both Demi and Christina took to Instagram to post beautiful black and white photos of one another, with a elementary caption: “May 20th. @bbmas,” and afterwards tagged a other chairman and combined a hashtag for their new song, “Fall In Line.”

On May 15, both singers again posted relating pictures, this time on Twitter. Christina and Demi any tweeted matching photos of themselves as young, child performers, stranded side by side. The heading is done adult of lyrics from their new song: “Little girls / Listen closely /‘cause no one told me / But we merit to know / That in this universe / You are not gratified / You do not owe them / Your physique and your soul.”

All of these posts were clearly pre-planned and delicately concurrent in sequence to hype adult “Fall in Line.” They’re not accurately a becloud inebriated selfies of familiar buds, or even a infrequent selfie, though it’s still a good token of mutual honour and a common tie over their arriving project.

Christina and Demi competence be accessible now, though it’s not like they grew adult together. After all, Christina has been in a spotlight given her days on a Mickey Mouse Club with Justin and Britney while Demi was still in diapers. And Demi was usually 7 when 18-year-old Christina initial expelled “Genie In a Bottle.” There competence have been a slight age difference, though Demi told People that Christina was one of her many dear childhood idols.

“I grew adult listening to Christina Aguilera,” Lovato told People. “She was one of my idols flourishing up. She still is.” Lovato also combined that Aguilera majorly desirous her latest album, Tell Me You Love Me. “I consider [Stripped] was her dermatitis manuscript that unequivocally remade her into a idol that she is today. So that desirous me… she unequivocally desirous this album. we was even desirous by a black and white artwork!” Clearly, a black and white manuscript art is something that has stranded with both artists right adult until today.

Just given Demi competence have been partial of — or a boss of — Xtina’s fan bar once on a time, that doesn’t meant that Christina doesn’t totally honour a artist that small lady has grown adult to become. ETOnline wrote that behind in Oct 2017, Aguilera took to Facebook to share her support for Lovato‘s new album, writing, “Congratulations @ddlovato on your new manuscript #tellmeyouloveme! You are murdering it girl, Xo Xtina.” ETOnline also quoted a after twitter from TMZ (which has given been deleted) in that Christina reportedly gushed, “I adore Demi! She’s my girl. Great things to come!”

And only in box we had any doubts about only how good those entrance things competence be, Demi some-more than valid her ability to reason her possess opposite Christina’s outspoken bravery when she did a bangin’ sense of a “Dirrty” thespian on The Tonight Show.

In summary, we don’t consider that a Jonas Brothers are too disturbed that Xtina is about to take their best girl, though it does demeanour like these dual gifted ladies adore and support one another. Yes, some of a selling for their new debate was clearly really delicately curated, though that’s to be approaching with dual people this famous. Hopefully “Fall In Line” isn’t a final time these challenging females mix forces.

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