6 reasons because Lorde and Nick Jonas should date

April 14, 2016 - Jonas Brothers

Scout suggested they were snapped leaving Lady Gaga’s 30th celebration together in West Hollywood on Saturday night, and a report indent went into overdrive suggesting they were dating. Nick Jonas, 23 and Ella Yelich-O’Connor, aka Lorde, 19, share many in common, including Taylor Swift as a partner and singleness, though is that adequate to be a compare in cocktail star heaven? We wish so. Here’s a reasons because they’d be a integrate du jour.

1. They’ve both been operative given they were kids

Lorde in 2013. / Getty

Both can bond over a struggles of being a child star. Lorde has been singing given a tweenie during internal Belmont Intermediate School, and during a proposal age of 16, went viral with a Grammy-winning hit. Make that dual Grammys, actually. Nick and his brothers, Joe and Kevin, shaped a aptly named Jonas Brothers, and expelled their initial singular in 2005 when he was 12 years old.

2. They’re entirely fledged members of Taylor Swift’s squad

Taylor Swift (in blue), Demi Lovato (in red and cleavage), Lorde (in black) and Nick Jonas (the usually one profitable courtesy to a stage) lay together during a 2014 VMA’s. / YouTube

The best relations grow from friendship, right? Nick and Lorde have famous any other given 2014, when a span sat alongside Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato during a MTV VMAs. They strike it off – Nick even tweeted about it. Both share Swifty in common. Taylor used to date Nick’s large hermit Joe, and a span have been friends for years. Nick and Taylor have common a theatre many times, including in 2009 during filming of The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. And Taylor and Lorde are BFFs.

3. Their mums are chaperones

there isn’t a some-more caring, supportive, intelligent, pleasing lady than her. she comes with me everywhere; we share each impulse – this is her stimulating backstage during a billboard awards

A print posted by Lorde (@lordemusic) on Mar 6, 2015 during 11:15pm PST

Lorde’s mum, Sonya Yelich-O’Connor, and Nick’s mum, Denise Miller-Jonas, have acted as chaperones and momagers for their immature wards while they tour. Both stars have tighten relations with their siblings, too. Nick no longer warbles with his (the Jonas Bros. went kaput in 2013), and Lorde is doubtful to strike a theatre with her small sis, Indy, an determined thespian and singer.

4. Nick’s story with cocktail stars

Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez cosy adult behind large hermit Joe Jonas on a decks during a 2015 VMA after-party. / Getty 

Nick is a bit of a bad child when it comes to his dating rep. He has a story with immature womanlike musicians. The ‘Jealous’ thespian can count Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez as past flames. Gomez is a associate member of Swifty’s lady squad, incidentally. Will Lorde be another muso nick on a cocktail star belt?

5. Both like to date up, as in old

cinnamon and sugarine (featuring ROGUE PINKY)// regram from jkl, taken by @sonjayelich

A print posted by Lorde (@lordemusic) on Nov 20, 2014 during 7:48pm PST

Nick has taken a fondness to comparison women. He antiquated Australian crooner Delta Goodrem in 2011 – 8 years his senior. He’s given been related to Hollywood star Kate Hudson, who is 13 years comparison and has dual kids. Lorde, meanwhile, hasn’t had a prolonged fibre of men, though her former attribute with James K. Lowe, that finished final year after 3 years together, was criticised for a 7 year age gap. Evidently comparison relations haven’t worked out for a stars, so maybe someone closer their possess age is a improved bet.

6. They have eccentric fortunes

There won’t be any squabbles over whose spin it is to compensate for a spare frappucino. Both cocktail stars have warranted millions.

Nick’s net value is estimated during US$18 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Forbes says a Jonas Brothers’ final universe debate grossed US$95 million, including US$30 million overseas, while personification to an normal assembly of 14,000 fans a night.

Lorde is not brief of a bob. In 2014, the NZ Herald estimated Lorde had warranted during slightest $11 million when she incited 18 and gained authorised control of her finances, interjection mostly to violation into a US charts with her strike ‘Royals’. It stayed during a tip of a charts for weeks and her album, Pure Heroine, was a third many downloaded manuscript of 2014, beaten usually by Taylor Swift’s 1989 and a soundtrack to a Disney movie, Frozen. The thespian now has her possess square of genuine estate, shopping her initial home in Auckland’s Herne Bay.

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