12 Iconic Jonas Brothers Songs, Ranked From Worst To Best

December 4, 2017 - Jonas Brothers

Yes, Nick and Joe are still murdering a strain game, though let’s take it behind to a loyal excellence days for a sec. Without serve ado, here is The Definitive Ranking Of Jonas Brothers Songs.

Obsessive Jonas Disorder is a critical illness that never unequivocally goes away, mostly since we keep stumbling on lists like theseThe upstate New York date on the Jonas Brothers Burnin’ Up Tour was flattering many my initial genuine concert. Taylor Swift, who was dating Joe Jonas at a time, watched a uncover from a sound counter one quarrel behind me. It was a special time and 12-year-old me was perpetually altered after that fatal day. Below, I’ve fondly ranked a JoBros’ best hits.

12. “First Time”
One of a final songs we got to hear from a contingent before they split. It’s not terrible, it’s only kind of boring.
Most absurd lyric: “Let your heart control your mind/Make it feel like a initial time.”

11. “Your Biggest Fan”
Remember a soundtrack to Jonas L.A., a JoBro’s Disney Channel show? Me neither. Also, Nick’s swat mangle is…rough. Bring behind Big Rob, am we right? (More on that later.)
Most absurd lyric: “A star shines though your light is a brightest.”

10. “Play My Music”
The second best strain on a Camp Rock soundtrack after “This Is Me,” obviously.
Most absurd lyric: “Hand clapping, hip shaking, heart breaking/There’s no faking.”

9. “That’s Just The Way We Roll”
One of a initial songs that put a JoBros on a map, though we found it flattering irritating both afterwards and now.
Most absurd lyric: “Let’s go dancing/Pop and lock/Battle dance opposite Hanson.”

8. “A Little Bit Longer”
The strain we all hated to love. Nick’s famous in-concert debate about being diagnosed with diabetes felt like pandering even to 12-year-old me.
Most absurd lyric: “Got a news today/Doctors pronounced we had to stay/A small bit longer and I’ll be fine.”

7. “Much Better”
Joe iconically shades his ex Taylor Swift in this song. Too bad a manuscript has such a reticent name. we won’t even imitation it here.
Most absurd lyric: “Now I’m finished with superstars/And all a tears on her guitar.”

6. “BB Good”
The opening jam on A Little Bit Longer, that is arguably their best album.
Most absurd lyric: “I don’t wanna harm you/I wanna lick you!”

5. “When You Look Me In The Eyes”
Nick during his many soulful.
Most absurd lyric: “When we demeanour me in a eyes/I locate a glance of heaven/I find my paradise.”

4. “Lovebug”
The vintage-style video is darling (as is Joe in suspenders); this is a one that finished everybody swoon.
Most absurd lyric: “I consider about your eyes all a time/You’re pleasing though we don’t even try.”

3. “Year 3000”
The video for this strain played constantly on Disney Channel and is perpetually imprinted in my brain. So familiar and really some of a guys’ many fun lyrics.
Most absurd lyric: “I listened a humorous noise/Went out to a backyard to find out/If it was one of those unruly boys.”

2. “S.O.S.”
Rihanna, lay down.
Most absurd lyric: “So this is how a story ends, a review on IM/Well, I’m done.”

1. “Burnin’ Up”
The easy favorite. A sum jam that binds adult over time. Also, a video is perfection: Nick stars as James Bond and impresses a lady (Selena Gomez), Joe wears a feign mustache, and Kevin is expel as a karate master. Most importantly, their bodyguard Big Rob has a swat feature.
Most absurd lyric: “I’m slipping into a lava/And I’m tryin’ to keep from goin under.”


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