11 times a Jonas Brothers were a pop-punk band

January 4, 2018 - Jonas Brothers

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Before signing to Disney’s Hollywood Records in 2007 and apropos zodiacally famous heartthrobs ala Camp Rock, a Jonas Brothers were headed toward a life in a pop-punk scene. 

The Jonas’ North Jersey upbringing and their fresh, rational catalog of energetic, live-band corroborated songs, meant shows during subterraneous nightclubs in New York City, slots on gigs such as The Bamboozle Festival and appearances on Fearless Music. They were marketed with a black, white and red tone intrigue and styled with a unsettled and irritable demeanour to fit a some-more pop-rock cultured and sound, though a rope fell between attracting immature adult, pop-punk fans and a younger, Radio Disney demographic. 

If Disney hadn’t swooped them adult when they did, a Jonas Brothers could’ve finished adult doing shows during VFW halls, gracing a pages of AP or personification a Vans Warped Tour. Here’s proof: 

The Jonas Brothers initial promotional photoshoot enclosed Converse, peaked hair, ripped jeans and armbands.
Jonas Brothers initial promo photo
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Other looks enclosed a mistake hawk, studded belts, bandanas and Ed Hardy striking tees.

Like many bands in 2005, they solidified themselves in a stage by perfecting their Myspace page.
Jonas Brothers myspace
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The guys privately commented on fans’ Myspace pages and responded behind to messages. Daily bulletins advertised arriving shows, radio appearances and hyped adult their entrance album.

At a start of a band, Joe, Nick and Kevin cited Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Switchfoot and MxPx as their low-pitched inspirations.
Jonas Brothers influences
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In 2005, Nick roughly got arrested while attending a Nintendo Fusion Tour (featuring FOB, P!ATD and Motion City Soundtrack) with his bros.

They started out by personification in bars and clubs in a tri-state area.

Hard to trust a Jo Bros were ever personification to tiny crowds in venues like The Stone Pony and The Middle East and roving in a 12 newcomer outpost with a trailer.

In 2006, a Jonas Brothers non-stop for a Veronica’s initial ever headlining tour.

Their tiny bar debate circuit continued, usually this time they got to headbang along to “4Ever” each night.

Before inking a understanding with The Walt Disney Company, they achieved a punk cover of “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)” during each show.

Which finished adult being combined to a Disneymania 4 gathering manuscript in 2006, a year before signing to Disney’s Hollywood Records.


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